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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Episode 14-27 - Burris Annual Elk Hunt Part 1

Steve West hunts Colorado Elk with MMA and UFC Heavyweight Legend Shane Carwin.

Episode 14-28 - Burris Annual Elk Hunt Part 2

Steve West and Brian Cary have one day to hunt and two bull elk tags to fill in Colorado on the annual Burris Optics Elk Hunt.

Episode 14-29 - Utah Shiras Moose Hunt

Steve West hunts for a Shiras moose in Utah, the next step in his quest to complete a muzzleloader super slam of North America.

Episode 14-30 - Nunavut Caribou Hunt Pt 1

SOA client Jim Morris joins Steve West in the arctic to hunt caribou-Part One

Episode 14-31 - Nunavut Caribou Hunt Pt 2

SOA client Jim Morris joins Steve West in the arctic to hunt caribou-Part Two

Episode 14-32 - Chama Elk Hunt Pt 1

Steve West and Peter Pi, owner of Corbon Ammunition, hunt elk near Chama, NM

Episode 14-33 - Chama Elk Hunt Pt 2

Steve West hunts elk near Chama, NM in the exciting conclusion to last weeks episode.

Episode 14-34 - Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt

Steve West and long time friend Caesar Fonte hunt huge coastal brown bear in Southwest Alaska.

Episode 14-35 - Alaska Spring Grizzly

Hunting from snowmobiles for spring Grizzly Bears in Alaska.

Episode 14-36 - Utah Elk Hunt

The best of Utah elk hunts.

Episode 14-37 - Alaska Adventure Series Pt 5

Steve West takes his CVA muzzle loader to the northern Brooks Range in search of barren ground caribou. (part 5)

Episode 14-38 - Alaska Adventure Series Pt 6

At the age of 75, SOA client Floyd Brown pursues an arctic grizzly with Steve West. (part 6)

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