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Episode Guide

Season: 2013

Colorado Elk 1

Sasquatch, Laramy Miller, braves bears and stormy weather in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains while hunting the majestic Colorado elk.

Colorado Elk 2

This week on Sasquatch, Laramy Miller is in the Colorado mountains chasing after elk with his self-made arrows.

Moose 1

After harvesting his elk for the year, Laramy Miller sets his sights on even bigger game.

Moose 2

This week on Sasquatch, Laramy is on the hunt for a moose with his Hawken rifle.

Montana Mule Deer

Sasquatch, Laramy Miller, hunts the badlands of Montana for mule deer.


This week on Sasquatch, Laramy is in search of a bear with his Hawken rifle. The bear will be used to provide Laramy with warmth in the cold winters ahead.

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