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Season: 2014

T-Bone NJ/PA

The northeast is often an over looked place for whitetail deer hunting, needless to say it is full of these sought after creatures. This week Travis “T-Bone” Turner heads to New Jersey and Pennsylvania to help out with a deer problem in some urban areas. His setups may be a bit different but he gets it done and puts a small dent in a growing deer population in the urban environments.

Turkey Killing

Turkey hunting in the South is more than a ritual it’s a way of life. Every year the Realtree team waits for opening morning much like farmers waiting on the harvest moon in the midwest. This year was an epic year for turkeys with many sent to floppin.

Nick MX

Nick Mundt is known for traveling everywhere to hunt big game. The one area he has never had the opportunity to hunt is ol’ Mexico. This year he finally got the invite to go on a management hunt down there and he jumped at the opportunity. He seals the deal on a management buck but has an encounter with a true Mexico giant.

Michael MX

Michael Waddell makes it a point to schedule a few trips to Mexico every year. With this target rich environment, Waddell is in his element hunting these whitetail from the ground. Plenty of mature whitetails take a ride in the Chevy when Michael heads across the border.

Michael New Mexico Elk

Michael Waddell likes calling up big bull elk just about as much as he does calling up a long beard in the deep south. This week he heads to a new area of New Mexico he has never hunted before hunting the famed Bobcat ranch. It takes him longer than expected but he final fools a bull into bow range on the last day.

Michael IN

An over looked sleeper state; Indiana can produce some huge whitetails and is home to one of Waddell’s biggest bucks ever. This year we head back up to Indiana hunting with the Collins brothers in pursuit of another Midwest rutting whitetail, but can Waddell seal the deal?


There is no doubt that Iowa is where whitetail hunter’s dreams are made. Every year whitetails easily surpassing the 200-inch mark are bagged with bow and arrow. This week Phillip Culpepper draws an Iowa archery tag and gets the pleasure of hunting with Gabe Adair of Whitetail Properties. Let’s just say Gabe knows a thing or two about Giant whitetail.

T-Bone MS/LA

Mississippi is known for its great waterfowl action but the deer hunting is commonly forgot about. With his Chevy loaded down and Bad Boy in tow, Travis “T-Bone” Turner drives to the great state of Mississippi to hunt with good friend Kenneth Lancatser of Antler Insanity. This trip is the ultimate Realtree Roadtrip.

Nick NE/T-Bone NE

Hunting just outside of Valentine Nebraska, Nick Mundt has found a hidden gem in the Cornhusker state. Every year Nick travels to the game rich state of Nebraska and usually punches his tags on some really nice bucks. This week Nick is back in Nebraska and has some good deer in his sights. Also this week, Travis “T-Bone” Turner has teamed up with Pete Alfano of Whitetail Properties to hunt Nebraska in the late muzzleloader season. Cold temperatures are a must to drive the deer to the food sources. I don’t know if T-bone is ready for these temperatures though.

Turkey Oregon

The last time Michael Waddell headed to Oregon to film turkeys was way back in 1996 when he was behind the camera filming Bill Jordan complete his grand slam with a bow. This week Waddell heads to the Beaver state in search of the Merriam’s turkey and to help his girlfriend complete her Grand Slam. Hunting turkeys that haven’t been called to all year should be easy for Waddell right?


This week, we look at what happens in the summer time with the Roadtrip guys. Hunting season doesn’t just open in September, it’s an everyday thing around here.

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