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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Episode 301 - Goat Country

Cody Robbins heads up to the Yukon to meet up with Ceaser Lake Outfitters in search of white billie goats.

Episode 302 - Home Opener

Cody Robbins and team hunt for monster velvet bucks in their home province of Saskatchewan.

Episode 303 - Momentum

Cody spends some time in Alberta with Procupine Creek Outfitters and then returns to Sasketchewan to continue hunting for that evasive muley buck.

Episode 304 - Moose Camp

Cody travels to the Yukon in search of a massive bull moose!

Episode 305 - Bow Hunter

This week Cody takes a young new-comer to the sport to learn the ropes of archery.

Episode 306 - Week Five

This week, Cody takes out a young bow hunter on the hunt of a lifetime.

Episode 307 - Riding the Slump

This week, Cody struggles with late season hunting.

Episode 308 - Black Powder Giants

This week, it's a family affair when Cody takes his bronther, Brandon, on a hunt to remember.

Episode 309 - Whitetail Country

This week, Cody fights snow and long distances for the chance of a lifetime.

Episode 310 - November Mulies

This week, Cody and an American hunter face the freezing temperatures in the rut.

Episode 311 - Kelsy's Hunting Pals

This week, Cody takes out some of Kelsy's hunting friends while she is at home pregnant.

Episode 312 - Nine Months

This week, Cody and Kelsy, who is nine months pregnant, head out with some friends to hunt black bears.

Episode 313 - Highs and Lows

The biggest moments in the past season of Live 2 Hunt. The moments you wish you could forget, and the moments you will never forget.

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