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Season: 2015

Episode 601 - Sergeant Matt Hammons's Mule Deer

Matt Hammond enlisted in the US Marine Corps so he could follow in his parents’ footsteps and serve. Trained as a designated marksman, Mat was deployed on several tours during Operation Iraqi Freedom before suffering life threatening injuries after his team was ambushed while on patrol. Now he reconnects with his love of the outdoors as he hunts mule deer with Hidden Creek Outfitters.

Episode 602 - Sergeant Jeremiah Workman's Mule Deer

Sgt. Workman dragged wounded marines out of harms way before returning to the fight, and was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroic actions that day. Now we follow Jeremiah as he hunts the rolling hills of Idaho with Boulder Creek Outfitters in pursuit of a monster mule deer.

Episode 603 - Corporal Jesse Schertz' Pheasant Hunt

Grateful Nation travels to the heart of the pheasant belt in South Dakota as Thunderstik Lodge opens its doors to honor those who serve, including Marine Corporal Jesse Schertz and dozens of other distinguished veterans in an annual wingshoot.

Episode 604 - Captain Alvan Shell's Mule Deer

US Army Captain Alvin Shell has full-thickness burns over the right half of his body earning him the designation of ‘100% disabled’, a number that means nothing to him. Captain Shell proves how capable he truly is as he and host Tim Abell hunt the rugged terrain of the Montana breaks for mule deer.

Episode 605 - Corporal Justin Crabbe's Blacktail Deer

In August 2011, Corporal Justin Crabbe suffered the loss of both legs and injuries to his left hand after stepping on an IED while on patrol in Afghanistan. After the horrific injury, Justin underwent months of therapy and is now working on regaining his independence. He takes another step towards recovery by reconnecting with the outdoors in this episode of Grateful Nation as Justin hunts blacktail deer in California with show host Tim Abel.

Episode 606 - Sgt. Ronny Sweger & Sgt. Chris Wolfenbarger's Waterfowl Hunt

Host Tim Abell joins two American heroes on a first-class waterfowl hunt in Missouri with the help from the teams at Folds of Honor & Bushnell. Ronny Sweger and Chris Wolfenbarger are the honorees in this episode, and the team will hunt at the Mudhole Duck Club in Orrick, Missouri. We also look back at some of the great hunts Grateful Nation has provided the worthy men and women who serve.

Episode 607 - Corporal Jason Sellars Aoudad

Host Tim Abell joins American hero Jason Sellars to hunt aoudad hunt with Double Diamond Outfitters outside of San Antonio. This free-range hunt over varied terrain pushes hunters to their physical limits and requires a long shot. Corporal Sellars suffers from hearing loss, multiple traumatic head wounds, and PTSD, but this won’t keep him from answering the challenge of this rugged hunt.

Episode 608 - Sergeant Ryan Ahern's Black Bear

Army Sergeant Ryan Ahern served in 5 tours of duty as a Green Beret and suffered multiple wounds during his tour including gunshots and shrapnel while protecting an American base from being overrun and protecting French forces from being overrun. Now, as part of his recovery, Sgt. Ahern returns to the outdoors as he joins host Tim Abell for a spot and stalk black bear hunt outside of Plains, Montana.

Episode 609 - Specialist Paul DeTray

US Army Specialist Paul Detray served three years in Afghanistan before an IED blast took part of his leg and peppered him with shrapnel from head to toe. Now Detray returns to the outdoor heritage that he loves as he and host Tim Abell hunt gators and hog in Florida with Everglades Adventures.

Episode 610 - Sergeant Travis Secrest's Black Bear

Marine Corps SFC Travis Secrest joins host Tim Abell and Mark Shutey of Stockton Outfitters for a fair chase spring black bear hunt in Montana. This Montana black bear outing is his first hunt since a massive 200-lb IED explosion rendered him incapacitated as he works his way back through recovery.

Episode 701 - Alaska Caribou

Host Tim Abell and then Sgt. Herb Gill are in the Last Frontier catching halibut and chasing caribou and grizzly bears.

Episode 702 - Colorado Elk

Captain Troy Givens and host, Tim Abell head deep into the wild hills of Colorado's Grand Mesa in pursuit of elk.

Episode 703 - Nebraska Whitetail

Heavy snows aren't stopping the Ram truck or wounded vet, Vince Raila. He's got buck fever and the only prescription is a heavy dose of big buck.

Episode 704 - Montana Elk

Retired Staff Sergeant Timm Gunderson and host Tim Abell head to the mountains of Big Sky country looking for elk.

Episode 705 - Quebec Red Stag

Army Ranger, Tom Block and host, Tim Abell are in Quebec looking for a mammoth red stag at the very comfortable Laurentian Wildlife Estates.

Episode 706 - Washington Black-Tailed Deer

Home with Heroes and Tim Abell take a wounded vet and his step son out for black-tailed deer in Washington.

Episode 707 - Texas Whitetail and Axis Deer

Wheelchair bound vet, Nathan Hunt, and host, Tim Abell, visit the Texas ranch of world famous professional hunter and guide, Jeff Rann to take a massive whitetail and Axis deer.

Episode 708 - Salute to Spec. Ops

In this special episode, Tim looks back and reflects on the hunts, conversations with, and service of the special forces members who have hunted with Grateful Nation throughout the series history.

Episode 709 - Texas Whitetail

Double amputee, Jake Dobberke and host, Tim Abell head to the Lone Star state for some fast and furious whitetail action.

Episode 710 - Challenges Met and Overcome

In this special episode, we look back at some of the most inspirational heroes that we've hunted with.

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