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Episode Guide

Season: 2015

Episode 801 - Frog, Fish and Freaks

This week on Facts of Fishing Dave finds himself in the middle of a frog-fishing Freakshow.

Episode 802 - Belly Boat Bass

This week on Facts of Fishing Dave decides to leave his high-performance bass boat at home and
hits a secluded back lake in a belly boat.

Episode 803 - Cover Craw Largemouth

Equipped with a Cover Craw, Dave disects shoreline structure for largemouth bass.

Episode 804 - The Wind Blown Bass Beatdown

This week on Facts of Fishing rather than hide from the wind, host Dave Mercer decides to face it head-on.

Episode 805 - Beating the Bank for Bucket Mouths

On this week's episode of Facts of Fishing, Dave proves that you don't have to go far to cash in big.

Episode 806 - Smallmouth Smash-o-Rama with Brandon Palaniuk

This week Dave is joined by Bassmaster Elite Series Champion Brandon Palaniuk in search of some
Lake Ontario supersized small-jaw.

Episode 807 - Niagara Falls Steel with Paul Castelano

This week Dave is joined by expert Niagara guide, Paul Castelano as the two travel to the base of
Niagara Falls in search of some cold, crazy line-screaming steelhead.

Episode 808 - Umbrella-Rig Pain With Z-Train

This week Dave travels to Michigan to join his Bassmaster co-host, Mark Zona in a quest to prove the
umbrella rig is not just for largemouth.

Episode 809 - Bass Than Go Bump in the Night

Dave and his lifelong friend, Jim Manolakos, decide to see what happens on a local lake when the
lights get turned out.

Episode 810 - Jackin' Smallmouth on Jerkbaits

This week Dave proves what makes the jerkbait such an effective tool for anything that swims.

Episode 811 - Building Better Brook Trout with April Vokey

Dave and his guest, expert fly angler April Vokey, catch monster brook trout with a team of fishery
biologists all in an effort to make better brook trout fishing for the future.

Episode 812 - Smallmouth Harbour Hammerfest with Simon Frost

This week Dave joins his good friend and Lake Erie super-stud Simon Frost. Unfortunately, the
weather has them trapped in the harbour.

Episode 813 - Heli-Fishing On Ice

Just when you thought you've seen everything, now Dave decides to go ice fishing in a helicopter?

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