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Episode Guide

Season: 2012

The Journey Begins

Dream Season: The Journey officially kicks off! We join the new permanent all-star cast as they begin a journey that will change their lives forever. Old rivalries heat up again and some newcomers also get thrown into the mix. Then our hunting begins in the sweltering September woods of Georgia with Jeff Lindsey.

The Road To Hadley Creek

The Early Season hunting continues in the South with Bart Goins, and then the four teams rendezvous at Hadley Creek Outfitters in Pike County, Illinois. With no weapon but recurve bows in their hands, our contestants get tossed into a skill challenge they could have never seen coming.

The Initiation

The First Leg of The Journey will soon come to a close, and only one team can win a brand new Dream Season Edition HuntVe 4x4. Geared up and sprayed down in the wild woods of Pike County, the Dream Season contestants hunt hard for giant Illinois bucks. But they are also faced with an equally difficult challenge: each team must harvest a mature doe with a recurve bow. Who will be crowned the Leg One Champion of Dream Season: The Journey?


Hadley Creek is in the rearview mirror, and the Journey continues on into Leg Two: The Rut. From Illinois to Iowa, the Dream Season hunters have close encounters with some unbelievable whitetails. Stay in on the action to see which team takes a big buck home. In the end, an unexpected event occurs and someone's life will be changed forever.


The Rut Leg continues as our teams near the finish line. David Lindsey of Team HuntVe climbs back in the tree and is ready for an Iowa giant to pass by. The other teams struggle on their own home courts, and Team MAD takes a courageous stand when Coon Dog stays the course in the midst of great tragedy. The Rut hunting reaches an epic and moving finale as one team claims the $10,000 prize for the Second Leg of Dream Season: The Journey.

Showdown In Illinois

For Leg Three of Dream Season: The Journey, the cast is faced with its toughest challenge yet -- each team has three days to harvest two bucks before facing off in an edge-of-your-seat shooting competition. Duck for cover as old feuds literally reach explosive levels. This time, not only are thousands of dollars in prizes at stake, but the pride of winning burns inside each and every one of the Dream Season contestants!

Locked In Battle

With three Legs behind them, the Dream Season competitors now face Leg 4: The Post Rut. With a chance to win over $7,000 in prizes, the teams dash into some of their most exciting hunting encounters yet. From the humor of Coon Dog being stuck at work when he'd rather be hunting, to Doug Hampton's first chance at a buck harvest in Kansas, the cast truly shows us what it means to live out a Dream Season in today's world. In the end, Jeff and David Lindsey take on a whitetail challenge never seen before and most likely never to be seen on television again: they must single-handedly unlock the horns of two of their biggest Iowa Boone and Crocketts!

Old Rivalries

The four Dream Season teams press on for victory in the Post Rut Leg. Jeff Lindsey of Team HuntVe climbs into the largest "tree stand" in Kansas: a three-story historical barn. Having a 360Àö vantage point, Jeff hides in the shadows until a Kansas monster heads his way. Meanwhile, Doug Hampton of Team Reconyx means to show Jeff up when he loads his brand new TC Dimension in Southeast Arkansas. The big bucks emerge and the competition between old rivals ignites like never before!

Post Rut Conquest

The Fourth Leg comes to a close, and the four Dream Season teams have one last chance to prove themselves victors of the Post Rut. Jeff Lindsey pores over the Reconyx photos and enters the box blind with two mature whitetails in mind. Team Mossy Oak Properties, the boys from Alabama, forge ahead in what has been a bitterly doomed rookie season. Joe Shults of Team MAD steps back into the woods and gives us the most heartfelt and real life hunting experience outdoor television has ever seen. Finally, Team Reconyx's Rod and Doug journey to Tara Wildlife in Mississippi for an exciting week of Southern whitetail chasing.

No Bucks, No Glory

The Late Season Leg begins, and the four Dream Season teams can now win thousands of dollars in new prizesDoug Hampton of Team Reconyx targets a one-eyed Arkansas gargantuan called "Popeye."  Bart and Blair of Team Mossy Oak Properties travel to Mississippi for a once-in-a-lifetime hunt on Toxey Haas's farm in Mississippi. Team MAD presses on in what has been a tough and painful season, and Team HuntVe's Jeff Lindsey claims a hunt prize on Terry Drury's personal farm in Missouri.

Hunting Heritage

The teams run one last lap in the Late Season Leg before the final group hunt begins, and now is the chance to get family in on the game. The challenge: who can lay down the best buck and the best footage with a family member?  Joe Shults takes his wife Pam on one of the most emotional harvests of the season, and Coon Dog treats his daughter Alisha to an awesome buck hunt. Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Brandy Hampton target a giant Kansas drop tine buck. And finally, Jeff Lindsey's wife Ashley crosses her fingers that a buck she calls Funky Monkey will walk her way. The Late Season concludes with the most massive buck harvests of Dream Season: The Journey yet!

Journey to Matador

The final leg of Dream Season: The Journey has begun, and the teams are all packed for Tara Wildlife in Mississippi, but unexpected flooding sends them in a new direction. Now the final battle will be fought at the Matador Ranch in Texas. Terry Drury journeys to Matador to host the competition while Mark Drury heads South and takes the 2012 Catch-A-Dream recipient Tyler Mason on the hunt of a lifetime.

End of the Road

At last, the Dream Season competitors near the end of The Journey, and only one team can take home the prize for the Final Leg in Matador Ranch, Texas. In this episode, all the teams hunt hard across the vast rolling hills of The Lone Star State, clash antler-to-antler in an intense skill competition, and share some moving moments with Catch-A-Dream child Tyler Mason. Dream Season: The Journey concludes in this power, once-in-a-lifetime episode.

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