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Episode Guide

Season: 2016

Episode 701 - Batting .1000

Tombo, Langy and Grant head to Nebraska for some early season whitetail in velvet.

Episode 702 - The Hunt for "Nine of Diamonds"

Rochey tells the story of a buck that he's hunted for the last five years he named "Nine of Diamonds."

Episode 703 - Louisiana Saturday Night

The Buckmen gather for a group hunt in Louisiana.

Episode 704 - Bears and Bison

Ryan Langerhans heads to Montana to chase bears and bison.

Episode 705 - Freeloader

Tombo Martin travels to hunt at Luke Bryan's place to hunt.

Episode 706 - Midwest Massacre

The Buckmen gather together to hunt the E3 Ranch in Kansas/Missouri.

Episode 707 - Out West

The Buckmen head to different parts of the western half of the country to chase mule deer, antelope and bison.

Season: 2015

Episode 601 - Rough Starts

The Buckmen start the year off slow until Luke Bryan gets the ball rolling.

Episode 602 - Olla Bout It

The Buckmen join the Busbice crew in Louisiana on their annual group hunt.

Episode 603 - Backcountry Buckmen

Adam LaRoche and Ryan Langerhans hunt elk in the backcountry of Wyoming.

Episode 604 - Cull of Duty

The Buckmen put a new spin on deer management.

Episode 605 - Off Bulls and Men

Luke Bryan and Matt Light head out west to chase elk with their bows.

Episode 606 - E3

The Buckmen head to Kansas/Missouri on the annual E3 group hunt.

Episode 607 - Hunt For a Cause

The Buckmen take other people with struggles of their own hunting. 

Episode 608 - New Texico

Tombo and Langy hunt elk New Mexico while Willie hunts whitetail Texas.

Episode 609 - Wide Open

The Buckmen stretch their legs and decide to do a little stalking.

Episode 610 - Paternity Leave

Buck Commander family members showcase their skills in the woods.

Episode 611 - Texas Was You

The Buckmen hunt the famous La Perla Ranch in South Texas.

Episode 612 - Cull of Duty

The Buckmen put a new spin on deer management.

Season: 2014

Episode 1 - Costumes and Action Figures

The Buck Commander crew starts the year off on a group hunt in Illinois while Willie goes to Montana.

Episode 2 - Man-date

Rochey and Langy hunt mule deer and antelope in Wyoming.

Episode 3 - Rickiller Carone

Rick Carone elk hunts while battling pancreatic cancer.

Episode 4 - Hot Shots

The Buckmen hunt early season in South Carolina and Texas. 

Episode 5 - A Personal Cameraman

Grant Taylor hires a new cameraman to cover his hunts. 

Episode 6 - Deerstruction Derby

Group hunt at E3 in Kansas turns into a destruction derby.

Episode 7 - Camera Commander

The cameramen of Buck Commander take over the show.

Episode 8 - Bucks and Bulls

Langy and Grant go to New Mexico to chase bulls while Aldean goes to South Texas for whitetail.

Episode 9 - Exotica

Tombo and Aldean hunt exotics in Texas, while Luke goes fishing in the Amazon.

Episode 10 - Buckmen in Training

Buck Commander highlights the younger generation of hunters. 

Episode 11 - Olla atcha Boys

Annual Group hunt in Olla, Louisiana.

Episode 12 - Out and About

The Buckmen scatter across the country for late season hunting.

Episode 13 - Camp Champ

The Buckmen look back on the year to see who deserves the title of the "Buck Commander Champion"

Season: 2013

New Boss in Town

Early Missouri introduction of Grant Taylor.

Ridge Reaping

Utah muley with Tombo.


Drake LaRoche's first bowhunt/South Texas with Luke and Jason.

Texas Throwdown

Langy and Jordan head to West Texas/Willie and Grant go to East Texas.

Illinois Invasion

Tombo, Langy, Rochey go to Illinois.

E3 Group Part 1

First group hunt of the year in Kansas and Missouri. Introduction of Matt Light.

E3 Group Part 2

Continuation of Part 1/Rental car destruction.


Willie goes on a roadtrip/Tombo and Langy hunt with Red Arrow TV in Texas.

Olla Group Part 1

Louisiana group hunt at the Busbice's.

Olla Group Part 2

Part 2 of Busbice hunt.

Out and About

Buckmen hunt all over U.S.

Better Late than Never

Part 2 of Out and About

Season: 2012

Buck Commander Part 1

This week the Busbices have a full house. They'll be joined by the guys from Under Armour, the Buck Commander crew, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and even Troy and Jacob Landry make an appearance. Big Bill's nerves will be pushed to the limits as Matt fills the camp with celebrities and damages his property in the process. The esteemed guest at the camp learn the finer points of hunting with crossbows, and each take to the field in search of a trophy Louisiana buck. Will Bill be able to hold his temper with Matt? And who will be the first to take down a monster Louisiana buck?

Buck Commander Part 2

This week on Wildgame Nation, Troy and Jacob Landry join the Busbices and the rest of the celebrity guest in Olla Louisiana. Troy goes right to work with a little herd management, and shoots what he thinks is a 'cull buck'. But when Big Bill sees the supposed cull, he is none too happy. Matt slips into Jason Aldean's old stand and tries to lure in a trophy ten point, meanwhile Jacob Landry sees a monster Louisiana buck and even gets a crossbow hit on the deer. Unfortunately, the camera man had some… technical difficulties, which resulted in no footage of the actual kill shot. Big Bill took no pleasure in hearing of the screw up. Can Big Bill handle a cull buck mix up AND a cameraman screwup all in one week? And will Jacob recover his monster buck? And will Matt get a shot at his own trophy buck?

Crackin' Backs and Shootin' Bucks

This Week on Wildgame Nation, Matt and Bill are off to Caldwell, Ohio to chase monster midwestern bucks, while Ryan stays behind to run the business. Ryan is working on a new product called Rub Line Slime. Meanwhile, Matt is so eager to find a trophy Ohio buck he injures his back. The hunt will have to wait as Matt takes a timeout to visit a local Chiropractor.  Will Matt overcome his back pains and take down a monster? Or will Bill have to take care of busy and down a buck of his own?

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