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Episode Guide

Season: 2012

Land & See

The team of anglers reunite at Deep Water Cay in The Bahamas. The episode focuses on mankind’s fascination with the coastlines and the repercussions of this attraction. Lefty Kreh receives a royal welcome.

Silver Treasure

We explore the true value of gamefish on the saltwater flats - both economically and ecologically - to the coastal communities.

Tight Lines

The Buccaneers discuss the magic of saltwater fly fishing, a constant learning process with endless struggles.

Wading Ahead

The team learns how anglers can lead the way in protecting our fisheries.

Time Stands Still

The history of saltwater fly fishing, and the passage of time on the flats.

Flies & Lies

Two great lies of fly fishing: fooling a fish, and fooling your friends.

The Cay to Life

How anglers can be the caretaker of saltwater species... or the cause of their demise.

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