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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

In an effort to salvage a net full of live fish after the weather almost does in the crew, Mike tries a new and unconventional way to bring his load of fish to the live truck waiting for them. Meanwhile, Tim has pulled in $60,000 worth of live fish, but will they make it to market?

Never say Never

Mike has been chasing a school of fish for a couple of weeks now, but can’t get them cornered. He needs Tim’s help to locate them using his equipment. So, for the first time in over 10 years Mike and Tim agree to partner up for a single pull. Will this put the past in the past and forge a new relationship? Meanwhile, Jedd is grounded, choosing to work on his equipment in the shop rather than waste his time and energy in the bitter cold. But even here Jedd is in true form.

Clam Lake

Trying to move up in the fishing ranks, and better his financial situation, Rick bids and wins the exclusive fishing rights on an inland lake – Clam Lake, however when he is denied the bond necessary to secure the bid, he loses the contract and Tim and partner Jeff take full advantage of Rick’s misfortune.


With the contract in hand, Tim and Jeff are striking out on Clam Lake they take one last show at 400,000 lbs. of fish before the fish move to deeper waters. With the loss of the contract Rick moves to Minnesota and gets his commercial license for that side of the river. With this he and mike become equal partners.

The Sabotage

Earlier in the year, Tim and Jeff successfully outbid Jedd Monsoor to win the prized Lake Wisconsin fishing rights. With hundreds of thousands of dollars to gain, they bring a full crew to the lake, but something’s fishy beneath the surface. Meanwhile Mike finds his new forged partnership with brother rick at risk when he chooses to go fishing with his son Justin, leaving his new partner and brother out of the picture. While these teams struggle, Jedd pulls 750,000 lbs of carp.

Back on Track

After a rocky start to the new partnership, Mike and Rick patch things up, but Rick still struggles with his new partner’s old fashioned ways on the water. On Lake Wisconsin Tim and Jeff are battling the “sickle bar bandit” … determined to win.

Old Ways Never Die

Mike and Rick are traveling back to their childhood home to pull with Rick’s new Minnesota License and with new waters come new hopes – sky high hopes. Jedd to has high hopes of turning over a new leaf and changing his hard charging ways, but while pulling a 750,000 lb. load his patience with his crew and his “new management style” is once again tested.

Season: 2013

Episode 1

Three commercial fishermen and their crews battle the environment and each other while searching the lakes and rivers of the Midwest for the opportunity to net thousands of pounds of Carp, Sheephead, and Buffalo.

Episode 2

Mike gathers the strength to overcome a difficult fishing season and a complicated relationship to provide for his family. Tim balances his busy fish market job with an increasingly rare opportunity to pull his nets.

Episode 3

Rick contemplates spending the rest of his life on the river. Tim fights windy conditions and low water in hopes of a big haul. Working with his father, Jedd feels pressure to fill his nets and prove his worth as a fisherman.

Episode 4

Mike discovers his son doesn't have his determination. Tim exposes an eager greenhorn to the many challenges of commercial fishing. Jedd feels friction from his father and a group of sport fishermen.

Episode 5

Tim’s best efforts yield unsatisfying results. After a risky start, Jedd and crew enjoy a productive day on the water.

Episode 6

A peaceful run ends as Rick and Mike uncover raw feelings.  Jedd struggles to fulfill an important order. Tim and his partner George prevail in a battle with the environment.

Episode 7

Summer arrives in upper Midwest. Rick and Mike’s flimsy partnership appears headed for ruin. Jedd unlocks his crew’s potential by applying a little ingenuity. During a rare vacation, Tim enjoys fishing for fun instead of profit.

Episode 8

To make ends meet, Rick finds a job with an improbable source.  Mike struggles with unreliable help. Overlooking a troubled past, Tim gives a friend an opportunity to learn about working on the river.

Episode 9

Ignoring 40 years of tradition, Jedd employs a radical new method of fishing that produces immediate results. Mike and Tim divulge the basis of their thorny relationship. Turning his job working for Jedd into an opportunity, Rick develops a strategy for his future.

Episode 10

Fishing separately, Mike and Jedd describe their history. While struggling to get by, Mike paints a portrait of a very different dynamic in the past. Jedd questions some of  Mike’s choices as his crew enjoys enormous success.

Episode 11

A distant natural disaster creates uncertainty for all commercial fishing crews in the upper Midwest. Jedd finds a valuable species in his haul but isn't sure a market exists.  Tim races against shifting conditions in hopes of scoring a decent haul. Mike admits its time for a change.

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