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Episode Guide

Season: 2016

Episode 801 - Iowa

Michael Waddell and Bone Collector Producer Jason Heathcoe have both drawn archery tags in Iowa and are looking for some broadside whitetails.

Episode 802 - Bobcat

Nick Mundt has been turned a loose on some of the best elk ground in New Mexico and isn't stopping until he wraps his tag around an elk.

Episode 803 - Vermejo

The Taj Mahal of elk hunting and possibly the nest elk hunting on the planet. That’s where Michael has found himself, far away from Booger Bottom.

Episode 804 - Mundt Special

Nick Mundt lives out of a duffel bag trying to fill the freezer, and this is just a little bit of the roadtrip.

Episode 805 - Ohio

Ohio "the Sleeper State" is about to get woken up when the Bone Collector crew rolls up in town.

Episode 806 - Navajo

Michael hits the mountains of the Navajo Nation chasing elk with a Hoyt.

Episode 807 - Chevy Texas

Chevy gives away a new truck and hunting trip to Texas with our resident class clown, Nick Mundt.

Episode 808 - Kansas

Nick and Michael are making a blitz on the Hooray Ranch in Kansas with intent on sacking some big whitetail.

Episode 809 - Kansas 2

Nick and Michael are making a blitz on the Hooray Ranch in Kansas with intent on sacking some big whitetail.  One episode just wasn't enough to pack in all the action!

Episode 810 - Texas

Michael, Edwin and Christie go on a "family vacation."

Episode 811 - South Dakota

Nick is at his home stadium, trying to get some new interior decoration.

Episode 812 - T-Bone OK

T-Bone chases some big Oklahoma bucks.

Episode 813 - Georgia Turkey

The Bone Collector crew are Beak Collecting in the spring.

Season: 2015

Episode 701 - Ohio Pt. 1

The rut is kicking, and Michael Nick are in Ohio looking for Buckeye Booner.

Episode 702 - Ohio Pt. 2

With Michael tagged out, Nick is trying to get one on the ground. He might find what he's looking for, a true Ohio stud!

Episode 703 - Bobcat Elk

With a couple nice bulls under his belt, Edwin takes out to New Mexico on his own to try to run an arrow through a Bobcat Ranch bull.

Episode 704 - Vermejo Elk

Michael gets invited by Scentlok to hunt the Holy Grail of all elk spots, Vermejo Park, and he glady accepts. Bulls are plentiful and talkative, that makes for one heck of a time!

Episode 705 - Texas

Travis hunts with long time firend and Bone Collector Pro Staff member Kenneth Lancaster for some Nilgai. Wounded Warriors also get in on the action and have some laughs as well!

Episode 706 - Mexico

When Michael invites long time friends who are songwriters, Rhett Akins and Dallas Davidson to Mexico, a good time was sure to happen!

Episode 707 - Booger Bottom Deer

Michael hands his cousin Bubba a camera and tells him to make a show in Booger Bottom, and this is what happened…

Episode 708 - Wexford

A true redneck paradise. Bucks and hogs, and a management plan that has everything on the hit list. Dull broadheads galore!

Episode 709 - Kansas 1

The 2nd week of November can only mean one thing…BIG KANSAS WHITETAILS.

Episode 710 - Kansas 2

With archery season behind them, Michael and T-Bone try their luck with muzzleloaders in Kansas, trying to tag one of the giant whitetails that the state is known for. 

Episode 711 - Georgia 1

Whitetail season is open in the Michael's home state. Trying to kill a big buck on his hunting club between trips on the road proves to be a challenge he is ready for.

Episode 712 - Georgia 2

Georgia has a lot of whitetails, but the Waddell crew is about to thin the herd.

Episode 713 - Opening Day

Every year, Michael and Edwin get together to celebrate the opening of turkey season. With a lot of preparation and some good weather, the longbeards are ready to flop!

Episode 714 - Turkey Tour

Spring time in the South can only mean one thing…gobbling turkeys and roadtrippin' in the Chevy. Frequent turkey floppin's with friends Chip Brown, Rhett Akins and Dallas Davidson

Episode 715 - Texas Deer

Michael heads to South Texas to hunt whitetails with the Buckmaster himself, Jackie Bushman.

Episode 716 - SD Deer

Nick heads to his annual homecoming hunt in South Dakota for whitetails and is trying to keep
population in check.

Episode 717 - TBone MS

Tbone heads to Missisippi to hunt some Delta bucks.

Episode 718 - Navajo Muley

Michael takes his wife Christie and son Mason to Arizona to try to get them their first mule deer. He also attempts to produce his first show by himself, guide and cameraman!

Episode 719 - Squirrel Master

Bone Collector is looking for redemption as they head back to the SquirrelMaster Classic.

Episode 720 - Best of Season 5

Throwing it back to the funny's and death strokes of Season 5.

Season: 2014

Kansas 1

Bone Collector rolls into Stafford once again to get after some of Kansas' hidden giants.

Kansas 2

One show just couldn't contain all the carnage that Kansas has to offer, so here's Part 2.

Yukon Moose

Nick heads north, WAY NORTH, into the back country known as Yukon trying to get a moose with a bow.


The entire Bone Collector crew is in town for this one, even Edwin! Indiana is always a good time, but this year is even better.

Morgan Elk

What happens when you take an 80-year old on his first elk hunt? We don't know either, that's why we did it!

Alabama Dove

The "October Lull" is remedied by a lead-slinging time at Vandy Collins' place.

Sonora 1

Michael and Nick have got Desert Bighorn tags, and were knocking down everything that we see until we get to them.

Sonora 2

One sheep down, one to go. And maybe even a 200" muley?

CO. Goat

Nick is filming his buddy Al Krauss on a mountain goat hunt, and they get CLOSE.

WY Deer

Early season whitetails at 7J Outfitters in Wyoming…it just doesn't get better.

Navajo Elk

The Navajo Tribe lets Edwin and Michael chase some of their GIANT elk.

Navajo Muley

The only thing better than elk hunting on the Navajo in mule deer hunting, so that's what were doing.

Turkey Murder

Could be Bone Collectors most favorite creature to get close to and put in a skillet.

Season: 2013

KY Elk

Elk… in Kentucky?  That’s right, Michael and Nick load up to chase bulls across the hills and hollers of the Blugrass State.

NM Elk

Michael meets up with Kenneth Lancaster to romp the New Mexico ridgetops hoping to just catch a glimpse of a bull.  Their persistence drives them to question, where the bulls at?

Nick Canada

Nick Mundt heads north of the border into the vast wilderness of Canada, endures 10 all day sits in sub zero temperatures, all with the high hopes of settling his Bushnell topped Thompson Center crosshairs on the chest of a Saskatchewan giant. His last sit could bring him to tears.

KS Deer

The Brotherhood takes the meat missile launching party to Kansas to join up with their good friend, Tom McMillian, in hopes that Tom can lead them to where the big bucks lay. The drought has taken its toll on the plots but the bucks are looking for Misses Right.

CO Elk & Muley

Kenneth Lancaster decides to join in on some Bone Collecting of his own in the wide open countryside that beautiful Colorado has to offer. Michael has turned loosed a Southern game slayer.

KY Deer

The warm weather and rain has gotten the deer movement slowed to a snails pace but that doesn’t stop Travis and Edwin from making the most of their Bone Collecting voyage.


Michael heads south of the border to meet up with “The Buckmaster” himself, Jackie Bushman, for a week of hot tamales and chasing whitetail bucks. The Ameristep ground blinds have them up close and personal with some of Mexico’s muy grande venados.

Boogerbottom Deer/Turkey

Boogerbottom, Ga., the place where Michael was raised and cut his teeth in the outdoors, is also the place where Michael enjoys watching his kids try their hands at doing a little Bone Collecting of their own. Paw Paw Waddell and Michael shuttle little ones all across the same land in hopes of them taking their first game.

Canada Bear 1

Otter Creek Outfitters, Ron Lavoie, host the Bone Collector crew and a few friends for a week of spring black hunting in the vast Canadian forest. Rutting bears and sows with cubs should keep the BC crew and cameras entertained.

Canada Bear 2

The BC crew just doesn’t want to leave Otter Creek Outfitters, the big bears are starting to show so the Mundt’s, Nick and Wayne, just can’t leave without attempting to punch one more tag.

Manitoba Moose

Nick decides a little moose is needed for the menu and heads to Manitoba hoping to run up a taxidermy bill.   He’s got high hopes and a pocket full of powder for his Thompson Center, maybe he’ll get his wish.

Iowa Muzzle

The cold, snowy Iowa weather couldn’t keep Nick and Travis from letting their Thompson Center’s bark during their much anticipated muzzleloader hunt.

Best of Season 3

The Brotherhood of the Bone Collector host take a few minutes to reflect upon what was a great Season 3. The highs and lows along with many lessons learned in the field. Enjoy reminiscing with them during this look back at a few seasons ago.

Season: 2012

Alaska Part 1

Edwin Waddell starts the NEW Season of Bone Collector with a journey to the last frontier, Alaska, in search of his first Brown Bear.

Alaska Part 2

The non-stop brotherhood adventure continues as Edwin is the first among a few to have the opportunity at two brown bear tags, but first is a test of fishing ability for the BC Crew!


Michael and T-Bone play string music while helping some northern born brothers with their doe harvest program on both sides of the Delaware. PA and New Jersey, Cheesteaks anyone?

Indiana Deer

Michael and his Dad travel to the Collin’s brother’s whitetail mecca in Indiana during the perfect time of the rut. The rut is on and everyone has high hopes of tagging out in this strategically built low fence playground for mac daddy whitetails.

Colorado Antelope

Nick and Edwin take the Thompson Centers after some Colorado speedgoats.

Colorado Elk

Elk tags in hand, Edwin and Nick trek through Colorado’s hillside chasing big bulls.

WY Elk

Nick moves onto elk and speedgoat hunting in Wyoming.

Adak Part 1

Truly a hunt of a lifetime. Michael treks across the Bering Strait, almost to Russia for an all out do-it-yourself hunt to Adak Island, Alaska, in search of reindeer. He teams up with the FMP crew to answer the Question “Are there still big Caribou left on Akak”?

Adak Part 2

The adventure continues on Adak Island as extremely high winds and rain have Michael glassing every inch of its vast terrain in search of reindeer. The team is pushed to the limit… will they survive?

Kansas Deer

There’s never a dull moment in Kansas when the Brotherhood crew share a camp.

Nebraska Muley

Spot and stalking mule deer with a bow proves tougher than they expected for Edwin and Kenneth as they attempt to let their Hoyts eat in the Cornhusker State.


Edwin and Bubba grab their muzzleloaders and take aim at mule deer.

South Dakota Deer

Ole Nicky “The Wheel” brings his A Game as he has home field advantage against some South Dakota whitetails and mulies. The chase is on!

Nick's Big Adventure

Nick tries to make his home state of South Dakota proud and with 2 Buck tags in his pocket he’s a horn chasing, hunting machine.

Army Turkey

Michael has the honor of getting Army Strong while getting one of our Nation’s finest his first thunderchicken.  Spring has sprung, turkeys are a floppin this week!

Alaska Part 1

Edwin Waddell travels to the last frontier, Alaska, in search of his first Brown Bear.

Alaska Part 2

Edwin and Jim stick around in Alaska for a chance at another giant brown bear.

Navajo Nation

Nick and Travis head to the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico hoping to give the Remington’s some giant Muley love.

Pennsylvania Deer

Michael and Bone play string music while helping some northern born brothers with their doe harvest program on both sides of the Delaware. PA and New Jersey cheesesteaks anyone?

Indiana Deer Part 1

Michael and his dad enter Indiana with high hopes of a father-son tag out.

Indiana Deer Part 2

Michal takes advantage of his invitation to the Scentblocker Indiana whitetail wonderland.

Nebraska Muley

Edwin drags Kenneth back to Deer Meadows Outfitters in hopes of reliving his last year’s success. Is Nebraska Edwin’s personal honeyhole?

Mexico Deer

Mexico anyone? Michael and Travis throw caution to the wind and meet up with the Buckmaster for some whitetail therapy.

Best of Season 2

A look back of the Second Season Highlights as the crew recall the best of the best from their seats.

Africa Part 1

Michael invades the Dark Continent with a pocketful of tags on a full bore African adventure.

Africa Part 2

The African adventure is in full swing as Michael and the Scentblocker sweepstakes winner chase plainsgame while fulfilling dreams.

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