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Season: 2016

Episode 201 - Special Delivery

The Gunny and the crew from Dillon Aero hit the skies in a Bell UH1 Iroquois Vietnam era “Huey,” complete with a mounted Dillon Minigun, Then, former Navy Seal Craig “Sawman” Sawyer stops by to paint the town with another hard hitting Vietnam classic: The Stoner 63.

Episode 202 - The Terror of My Ways

The Gunny invites 3-time USPSA National Champion Tori Nonaka out to the range to breeze through some rounds with the Mauser M17 “Schnellfeuer” Pistol. Then, Federal Agent Dale Shelton comes to the case, to investigate three prohibition era gangster guns that had a generation shaking in their wingtips: the 1921 Thompson sub machine gun, Fully-Auto modified Colt 1911, and the Browning Automatic Rifle.

Episode 203 - Targets of My Affection

The Gunny and Team Glock Captain Shane Coley hit the range with a Glock 19 with a new Modular Optic System to show off the recent modifications and put the pistol through its paces. Then, Kirsten Joy Weiss drops by with the bunker busting M32A1 multi-shot grenade launcher from Milkor USA.

Episode 204 - The Big Finnish

The Gunny and weapons expert Kenton Tucker, get together to talk about the famous Finnish Lahti Anti-Tank gun, and see if it’s as anti-tank as it’s cracked up to be. Then, Barry Becker from Military Systems Group, brings a fully modified SOCOM Humvee with multiple mounted guns out to the range, where The Gunny and friends sling some serious lead.

Episode 205 - Special Weapons and Tactics - "The SWAT Special"

The Gunny makes fast friends with Captain John Kleinheinz of the Maricopa County SWAT team and talks all things SWAT, from the units that make up a SWAT Team, to the inner workings of the team. Later, the rest of the hard charging Maricopa County SWAT team meet The Gunny at the shoot house and make fast work out of a hostile watermelon hostage situation. An explosive demonstration of proper procedure and teamwork.

Episode 206 - SCARs and Snipes

The Gunny and Craig "Sawman" Sawyer take aim with the FN SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle), and they punch through a block wall to take out some rogue melons. Then, Legendary Vietnam Sniper Ed Eaton swings through, and the Gunny and Ed remind us just how destructive they can be with battle-tested M14. Later, Sawman makes a surprise return and joins the party with a brand new M2010 Army sniper rifle.

Episode 207 - Nam'Ma Mia

The Gunny and his brother at arms Kenton Tucker take a spin in Kenton’s Vietnam era MUTT Jeep, complete with a Ma Deuce between the seats, in a trip down memory lane. This is the original Vietnam Road Warrior! Then, The Gunny and his buddy Gary Archer chew the fat about the “Lamborghini” of iconic submachine guns, and then chew up some targets.

Episode 208 - The Gunny, the Bad and the Ugly

The Gunny and Pete Sherayko take a trip back to the old Wild West, and check out a couple of the most legendary pistols of the period, the models 1877 and 1878 Colt revolvers. Then they break out the long guns and have a blast with a couple of 1881 Marlin rifles. Later, counter-terrorism expert and former Israeli Special Forces Operative Aaron Cohen drops in with a couple buddies to demonstrate how they serve a high-risk terrorist warrant in the Middle East.

Episode 209 - Haze Gray and Underway

The Gunny gets haze-grey and underway with the crew of the USS Makin Island (LHD-8) as they test some of its weapons. This Wasp Class amphibious assault ship is one of the most cutting edge ships in the United States Naval Fleet. So, come aboard and get an up close and personal behind the scenes look at this incredible vessel and the brave men and women who call her home. The Gunny takes us on an all access journey, and gets to scratch his itchy trigger finger on some serious firepower!

Episode 210 - Makin' Us Proud

The Gunny is back aboard the USS Makin Island, exploring more of the ship’s advanced weaponry alongside the Navy’s top weapons specialists. First up, Gunny finds true love on the fantail, falling for a sweet 20mm heartbreaker…the Phalanx Close-In Weapon System, or CIWS. Then, it's topside for nail-biting close quarters flight ops, demonstrating the unfathomable courage and impressive teamwork of the men and women of LHD-8.

Season: 2015

Episode 101 - S Marks the Spot

The Gunny and WWII weapons expert Gary Archer get together to talk and shoot British guns from WWII; then, former Navy Seal Craig “Sawman” Sawyer” introduces us to a new American classic battle carbine.
Guests: Gary Archer, Craig “Sawman” Sawyer
Weapons: Sten Mark II, Sten Mark V, and Sterling submachine guns. Also, the SWORD MK-17

Episode 102 - Size Doesn't Matter

The Gunny hangs with Trey and Brandon from Dillon Aero company to talk about (and tear it up with) one of his favorite guns, the Dillon Minigun; then, two-time USPSA National Champion Tori Nonaka swings by to run through a course of fire with the brand new GLOCK 43.
Guests: Trey Hicks, Brandon Jewell, Tori Nonaka
Weapons: Dillon M134 “Minigun.” Also the GLOCK 43.

Episode 103 - Tacticool Maneuvers

The Gunny talks shop with former Green Beret Grady Powell, then they show off the Black Rain Ordnance PG3. Later, Craig “Sawman” Sawyer swings by to pick up Gunny in a Tomcar M5 with a mounted M249 S.A.W., and the boys go off-road looking for stuff to shoot.
Guests: Grady Powell, Craig “Sawman” Sawyer
Weapons: Black Rain Ordnance PG3. Also, the Tomcar M5 with mounted M249 S.A.W.

Episode 104 - Tanks for Nothin'

The Gunny pays a visit to Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton to check in with the troops and check out the M72 LAW (Light Anti Armor Weapon). Then, the Gunny heads back out to the range with WWII weapons expert Gary Archer to check out the British-made Boys anti tank rifle.
Guests: Sergeant Husband, Gary Archer
Weapons: M72 L.A.W. (Light Anti Armor Weapon). Also, the Boys Anti-Tank Rifle

Episode 105 - Once Upon a GunnyTime in the West

The Gunny and Wild West expert Pistol Pete Sherayko dust off and get shooting with some hard-to-find weapons from the Wild Wild West. Then, trick shooter and YouTube sensation Kirsten Joy Weiss comes by to show off what she can do with a vintage Winchester Model 1873, the “Gun that won the West.”
Guests: Pete Sherayko, Kirsten Joy Weiss
Weapons: Burnside carbine, Merwin Hulbert revolvers, Winchester 1873 rifle.

Episode 106 - Russian to Conclusions

The Gunny shoots with Sergeant Theresa Vail US Army, and Miss Kansas 2013. They talk famous female snipers and pull the trigger on one of the Red Army’s greatest historical rifles. Later, Gunny goes deeper into Russian machine gun lore and checks out the no nonsense RPD and PKM with former Special Forces and weapons expert Russ Cannon.
Guests: Theresa Vail, Russ Cannon
Weapons: RPD and PKM. Also the Mosin-Nagant and Steyr SSG.

Episode 107 - Down Range Devastation

The Gunny heads back to Camp Pendleton to rip through some rounds with the devastating Mark 19 automatic grenade launcher. Later, The Gunny gets back in his civvies to fire some old-school artillery, the 1841 12lbs Mountain Howitzer, and 50mm Krupp Mountain Gun with history buff and weapons expert, Gary Harper.
Guests: Sergeant Denning USMC, Gary Harper
Weapons: Mark 19 Automatic Grenade Launcher. Also, the 1841 12lbs Mountain Howitzer and the Krupp 50mm Mountain Gun.

Episode 108 - Vintage Gunny

The Gunny and firearms expert Mike Tristano get familiar with the hard-hitting guns of the French Foreign Legion. Later, weapons expert Gary Harper rolls by to show us his motorcycle mounted MG34. A double blast from the past.
Guests: Mike Tristano, Gary Harper
Weapons: Lebel 1886, MAS 45, MG34

Episode 109 - Big and Small Brass Blasters

The Gunny and former Israeli Special Forces Counter Terrorism Member Aaron Cohen go out to the range, to roll through some rounds with the Uzi family of submachine guns. Later, machine gun aficionado Kenton Tucker drops by to catch up with the Gunny over a nice, not so quiet, conversation with the Lewis machine gun.
Guests: Aaron Cohen, Kenton Tucker.
Weapons: Uzi Sub Machine Guns, Lewis Machine Gun

Episode 110 - Future Counter Terrorism

The Gunny and Navy Seal Craig "Sawman" Sawyer go long-range with the SWORD Mk-18 – a sniper rifle that Saw helped design – plus Armasight’s latest thermal / infrared night imaging. Also, the boys from Kriss USA drop by to blaze through some mags with the Kriss Vector Submachine Gun.
Guests: Craig "Sawman" Sawyer
Weapons: SWORD International Mk-18, Armasight night vision, Kriss Vector SMG

Episode 111 - Mortar Mayhem

The Gunny pays the last visit of the season to The School of Infantry-West and Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. He’s not going quietly either, as we bring the thunder with the earth pounding 60mm and 81mm mortars. So PAY ATTENTION, because it isn’t every day you get a peek behind these walls.
Weapons: 60mm and 81mm mortars


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