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Season: 2015

Episode 201 - Nightmare Canyon Pt. 1

Justin and Jeremy Harris’ weekend decent into a remote Utah canyon becomes a survival nightmare when Justin severely breaks his leg. As night fast approaches and temperatures drop below freezing, how will these two brothers survive?

Episode 202 - Nightmare Canyon Pt. 2

After Justin Harris severely breaks his leg deep in a remote, Utah canyon, it ‘s up to his brother Jeremy to climb out for help. Clawing his way through icy pools of water and up rock faces, pushes Jeremy to his limit.

Episode 203 - Under The Desert Sun

Ed Rosenthal set out for a short hike in Joshua Tree National Park, but in the heat of the day he became turned around and lost. His six-day ordeal of survival in blazing temperatures with no food or water is nothing short of miraculous.

Episode 204 - Treestand Nightmare

When avid bow hunter, Dr. Joe Baumgardner sets out to do routine maintenance on his treestands, a 22-foot fall leaves him with a severely broken leg and miles from help in the deep Mississippi woods.

Episode 205 - Crushed By A Boulder Pt. 1

While solo climbing Mt. Goddard, a remote peak in the California Sierra, Gregg Hein’s leg is crushed by a boulder and he’s sent careening down the mountain. Barely able to stop his fall, he’s now faced with a horrific compound fracture.

Episode 206 - Crushed By A Boulder Pt. 2

After his leg is crushed by a boulder, Gregg Hein is stranded on a high Sierra peak with an infected compound fracture. Knowing he won’t be reported missing for days, Gregg attempts to crawl off the mountain and rescue himself.

Episode 207 - Iraqi Sniper Attack

On deployment in Anbar Province, Marine Corp Master Sergeant Buck Doyle throws himself in harms way to save a fallen comrade from an Iraqi sniper and becomes a target himself. This is a story of survival on and off the battlefield.

Episode 208 - Lightning Strike

A bass fishing trip goes horribly wrong when a bolt of lightning strikes their boat, leaving Seventeen-year-old Christian Neal burned and unconscious and his father Gabe blown into the water and paralyzed. It will take a miracle to save them.

Episode 209 - Mountain Lion Attack

Marine Anne Hjelle was mountain biking when she was ripped off her bike by a mountain lion. Anne fought back even as the big cat shredded her face in its jaws. Surviving the attack was only the beginning of Anne’s incredible fight to survive.

Episode 210 - Soul Of A Survivor

Craig DeMartino examines the stories of other survivors he’s met across the season. Their survival stories are all different, but Craig discovers that these survivors share more in common than you might think.

Season: 2014

Episode 101 – After the Fall

A rock-climbing disaster hurtles climber Craig DeMartino 100 feet down a granite cliff. A shattered heap of broken bones, Craig clings to life. In a split second, Craig’s life becomes an inspiring fight to survive.

Episode 102 – A River's Grasp

In an isolated mountain river, Fisherman Dean Ririe becomes hopelessly trapped under a boulder in water up to his neck. In icy waters that should kill a man, Dean fights for his life miles from help.

Episode 103 – ATV Nightmare

A father and son camping trip turns into a desperate fight to survive when John Sloot is crushed under an ATV. Now his 10 year-old son, Cody must brave the wilderness alone to get help.

Episode 104 – Trapped in a Glacier

While hiking alone deep in Glacier National Park, Ted Porter plummets into an icy glacial crevasse. With a broken back and miles from anyone, he must fight to survive.

Episode 105 – Stranded in the Alaska Wild

Hunters Adrian Knopps and Garrett Hagen venture into the remotest part of Alaska’s Misty Fjord, hunting Moose and Bear. After a successful hunt Adrian finds himself trapped by a twenty foot tidal surge after Garrett fails to return with the skiff.

Episode 106 – Stranded in the Alaska Wild continued

After a successful hunt, Adrian Knopps’ hunting partner disappears taking their bear out to the boat. Now Adrian finds himself stranded on a tidal flat surround by bears and wolf packs and with massive storm bearing down on him. How will he survive?

Episode 107 – The Journal

Pastor Mike Turner is on a solo hike across the continental divide in the unforgiving Wind Rivers Range of Wyoming when he becomes hopelessly trapped under a boulder. He chronicles his grueling 11-day fight to survive in his own journal.

Episode 108 – Treestand Fall

Deer hunter Nathan Holcomb plummets from his treestand. Every hunters' worst nightmare becomes Nathan's reality. With a broken back and paralyzed, Nathan must crawl out on his own to find help.

Episode 109 – Adrift

In what is regarded as one of greatest survival stories of the 20th Century, sailor Steven Callahan finds himself alone and adrift in a life raft after his boat, the Napoleon Solo sinks in the mid Atlantic.

Episode 110 – Adrift continued

Facing starvation, dehydration and predators from the deep, sailor Steven Callahan fights to survive not only the physical hardships, but also the mental and emotional strain of being adrift and alone in a disintegrating life raft.

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