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Episode Guide

Season: 2015

Episode 201 - A New Beginning

Phase One, Sept 15-24. Phase one marks A New Beginning for Mark and Terry Drury, as they start the season in Missouri on their respective farms. Mark hones in on a buck he has pictures of, while Terry struggles to see a mature buck.

Episode 202 - Greener Pastures

Phase Two, Sept 25-Oct 09. Terry sees his first mature buck of the year. Taylor Drury heads into Mark’s farm to see if she can’t set her sights on a historic buck Mark calls the Eighth Wonder. The whole cast is looking for Greener Pastures.

Episode 203 - October Lull

Phase Three, Oct 10-24. The moon’s right to start this phase off better than in the past, before the October Lull. Mark hunts his farm in Iowa, before spending the lull in Texas. Matt and Terry have a family weekend in Missouri.

Episode 204 - Pre-Lock

Phase Four, Oct 25-31. Mark and Wade are on fire in Texas before heading back to Iowa for Pre-Lock. Terry does some doe management in Missouri. Jim Thome, finally out, starts his hunt…for breakfast.

Episode 205 - High Anticipation

Phase Five, Nov 1-5. Matt and Taylor Drury go in after mature bucks on the same night in Missouri, Terry has a case of Déjà vu in Illinois, and Jim Thome finally sees some action. The whole cast feels the High Anticipation.

Episode 206 - Buck Parade

Phase Six, Nov 6-10. Tagged out, Mark only gets to watch the Buck Parade, while his cameraman Wade picks up a bow. Terry keeps grinding it out in Illinois.

Episode 207 - Lock Down

Phase Seven, Nov 11-14.  Mark and Terry both bring guests in to camp.  Brian Szalk of Ram Trucks and Marc Freese of Anilogics both seek out mature bucks that aren’t in Lock Down.

Episode 208 - Desperately Seeking

Phase Eight, Nov 15-19. Gary Levox is finally in camp and heads in after a clone from the past. Matt and Terry get the guns out in Missouri, while Jim Thome is Desperately Seeking a mature buck in Illinois.

Episode 209 - Party's Over

Phase Nine, Nov 20-25. Mark and Taylor bring Kristi Stevens from Under Armour to their Missouri Farm. Terry, tagged out, is still seeing mature bucks. Jim Thome’s Party’s not Over in Illinois.

Episode 210 - Green Revisited

Phase Ten, Nov 26-Dec 4. Terry, tag in hand, goes back out after the G3 buck. Mark brings in a special guest, Kyle McClellan, looking for his first buck in Iowa. A little snow in Illinois brings a mature buck by Jim Thome during Green Revisited.

Episode 211 - Waiting on a Front

Phase Eleven, Dec 5-11. The whole cast is Waiting on a Front. Mark is back in Missouri with a bow and tag in hand. Terry’s in Missouri with his eyes on two different mature bucks.

Episode 212 - Feedback

Phase Twelve, Dec 12-21. Everyone’s gathered up at Mark’s for Feedback. Gary Levox is back in and ready with Tom Gallagher from Cabela’s. Even brother Terry is invited up to Iowa to help keep things balanced.

Episode 213 - The Grand Finale

Phase Thirteen, Dec 22-Jan 15. With Terry tagged out, it’s up to the Iowa Drurys, Mark, Taylor, and of course, Wade, to make this a phenomenal Grand Finale.

Season: 2014

Episode 101 - New Beginnings

Phase One; is it A New Beginning or the beginning of the end? Hopes are high when Mother Nature sends a weather front through Mark and Terry Drury’s farm. Drury Outdoor’s rookie, Brandon Jennings, kicks the season off!

Episode 102 - Greener Pastures

Phase Two, Greener Pastures, is about the deer returning to your Biologic green food sources. Mark Drury takes advantage and scouts a booner.

Episode 103 - October Lull

The October Lull can get you down in Phase Three, but Mark and Terry Drury show you exactly what to do when the deer aren’t moving.

Episode 104 - Pre-Lock

Phase Four, Pre-Lock; the bucks are ready to find that doe. Gary Levox from Rascal Flatts comes to the farm, and Drury Outdoors’ own Tom Ware is on a buck of a lifetime.

Episode 105 - High Anticipation

The entire cast is anticipating the rut in Phase Five, High Anticipation. Youngsters Andrew Dent and Derek Glesinger learn what hunting is really about.

Episode 106 - Buck Parade

The Buck Parade of Phase Six is in motion. Mark Drury makes a mistake in Iowa that could ruin his plans for the phase, while Matt and Terry Drury hunt with their friend and cast mate Jim Thome.

Episode 107 - Lock Down

The bucks start locking down in Phase Seven, but if anyone can get them back up it’s Gary Levox from Rascal Flatts and Mark and Terry Drury’s guests from Ram Trucks.

Episode 108 - Desperately Seeking

The bucks are Desperately Seeking another doe in Phase Eight. With the guys still in camp from Ram Trucks, Mark and Terry Drury try to get them on a shooter. Gary LeVox and Matt Drury close in on their targets while Terry continues his quest on JDub.

Episode 109 - Party's Over

Phase Nine, Party’s Over; the bucks just don’t move! Gary LeVox from Rascal Flatts is headed to Booner Ridge as Wade Robinson, Mark’s cameraman, tries his luck on a targeted buck.

Episode 110 - Green Revisited

The bucks begin to revisit your Biologic foodplots in Phase Ten, Green Revisited. Taylor Drury finds herself one day to hunt as Mark Drury finds peace in Texas during the rut.

Episode 111 - Waiting on a Front

Phase Eleven finds our cast Waiting on a Front. Matt and Terry Drury head to Lodge 25 to hunt with fellow cast member Jim Thome as Mark Drury continues the waiting game in Texas.

Episode 112 - Feedback

Phase Twelve, Feedback; bucks are extremely vulnerable in Biologic as they slave to their stomachs. Terry Drury chases a buck named Socks as Mark Drury films John Austin in one of the most memorable hunts in Drury Outdoors history.

Episode 113 - Thirteen

The cast finishes with a bang in Phase Thirteen, THIRTEEN. Mark Drury brings in the New Year as Terry Drury hunts a buck named Lost And Found. Jim Thome gets one last crack at it before season’s end.

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