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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Episode 1 - Proud

A family realizes how much hunting brings them together, and the lessons it teaches, even when they are miles apart.

“This is a story, of a 12 year olds first deer season through the eyes of a father, and the guidance of a big brother.” -David Holder

Episode 2 - Get-a-way

Even a family that hunts together needs a little alone time. Follow the husband and wife team Karin and David to see if they get that much needed recovery time, or if the big Iowa deer get in the way?

“Reality may set right back in, but for a short while it's all about us, the memories we are making, the outdoors of course, and if I am lucky, I will Continue to be there as the outdoors puts those smiles on my wife's face.” -David Holder

Episode 3 - Rewards

Sometimes rewards are found in places where we never dreamed we would find them. Two boys learn what hard work is all about, and a Nebraska turkey hunt turns into a life long memory for an entire family.

“I never fired a shot on this trip, I never even got close, yet it may have been one of the greatest hunts I have ever been on.” -David Holder

Episode 4 - Redemption

The Canadian bush, a 12 year old with a bow in hand, and black bears at point blank range.

“Take that setting, ad being here to help my son redeem himself, well that's the kind of setting a father dreams of.” -David Holder

Episode 5 - Determination

See how a fathers actions after shooting a beautiful Montana bull, directly relate to how his son will handle life himself.

“One of the hardest things to do as a parent, is teach our kids that the most important lessons are the ones they can't see.” -David Holder

Episode 6 - Balance

A black bear hunt in the remote regions of Canada is where a mom discovers the fine line between work and family.

“I was so focused on making my best month ever at work, that I almost missed the best week ever.” -Karin Holder

Episode 7 - Brothers

An Iowa bow hunt for whitetails reveals more than just big deer, it reveals the “reel” meaning of “Brothers.”

“One day you guys are going to realize your best friend is sitting right beside you.” -Karin Holder

Episode 8 - Here!

A 1000 mile road trip and a passel of memories teach a father and son, that their past antelope hunting trips have been much more than just weekend getaways.

“I can only hope that this trip has already meant to him as much as it has to me.” -David Holder

Episode 9 - Bond

Two former firefighters with over twenty years of friendship, unknowingly deliver a message to a 13 year old, the meaning of a life long “bond”.

“I sure hope we can keep doing this for a long time.” -David Holder

“Why can't we.” -David Mitchell

Episode 10 - Mom

An early season Iowa deer hunt, means a teenage son has to depend on his mom to take him hunting, reluctantly he finds that she is more than just mom, she is also his hunting partner.

“I love you mom, thanks for bringing me.” -Easton Holder

Episode 11 - Trust

A husband and wife team struggle with the work and commitment that it takes to be ready for a Montana archery elk hunt, and in the midst shed some light on trusting your partner.

“You would think that after all we have been through, you would trust me by now”. -David Holder

Episode 12 - Winning

Two high school kids, with different abilities and capabilities embark on a whitetail hunt only to find that a world of sports and hunting had never revealed the true meaning of “winning”.

“Looking forward to hunting with you tomorrow.” -Warren Holder

Episode 13 - 11/10

A family is divided on whether a son’s belief, that since he killed a deer on a particular day the year before, fate will surely bring him the same this year. The day is coming, but what will it deliver.

“Good Luck with that.” -David Holder

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