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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Starting With a Bang!

America’s most famous firearms experts are back! NRA Gun Gurus Phil Schreier and Jim Supica are traveling the country to find and hear the stories behind some of the most unique and valuable firearms.. This week we’ll hear about a Texas Ranger’s historical Colt, a beautiful American Long Rifle found in a trashcan, and a Smith & Wesson .44 worth over $100,000!

Foreign Exchange

This week, Gun Gurus Phil and Jim introduce some amazing firearms from around the world. From the world’s largest gun show in Tulsa we’ll hear about Russia’s first semi automatic rifle, take a visit to the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO. to see a Flintlock that belonged to none other than Napoleon Bonaparte.

Oldies but Goodies

NRA Gun Gurus Phil and Jim, continue their journey from Tulsa to Illinois, making a few stops along the way to show us a pair of walking cane guns, a beautiful boxed set of percussion pistols and the Duke of York’s English Fowler shotgun from the late 1700’s.

War Heroes

America’s favorite gun experts are back on the prowl for the coolest, rarest, most fascinating firearms in the country. This week, we’ll hear war stories about military weapons such as a Henry .44 Civil War rifle, a Confederate Revolver and German WWII Luger “Black Widow” and see how much these firearms are worth.

Colts and Lugers, Lugers and Colts!

Firearm Aficionados Phil and Jim are back this week at Tulsa’s Wanenmacher Arms Show and the NRA Annual Meetings in Houston. Knee-deep in amazing Lugers and fascinating Colts, we also see a rare Presidential shotgun and an exceptional Colt Model 1860 Army, with a canteen shoulder stock that may sell near $100,000.

Olympic Gold

The NRA Gun Gurus, Phil and Jim, are back this week with their eyes on gold. Phil tells the great story of Dwight Eisenhower’s Winchester Model 21while Jim hears the story of an engraved 1972 Olympic commemorative pistol, where the value brings quite a surprise for the owner.

Riding Shotgun

NRA Gun Gurus Phil and Jim are back on the road to evaluate some amazing guns and hear some remarkable stories. Phil is blown away by 2 rifles – a Remington Buffalo Rifle and an engraved Winchester Ballard – both in pristine condition and both with a possible value north of $20,000. From the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO., Jim will let us know the story of one of the most unusual rifles ever produced. We’ll also hear about what is really means to “ride shotgun”.

A 1 of 1 Family Tradition

If you perk up when you hear that a gun is, “one of one” that was ever made, then you must check what our firearm experts, Phil and Jim, run across at the NRA Annual Meetings in Houston. With rare being this week’s theme, we get to see a Smith & Wesson revolver with Russian markings and a ‘Berdan Sharp Shooters’ Sharps Model 1859 go up for auction.

What in the World is That?!

What our Gun Gurus run across this week will blow your mind! Phil and Jim will show us a .75 caliber percussion pistol, a handgun so unique you can’t get ammo for it anymore, an 800 psi air rifle and a Winchester Model 1866 that could surpass $400,000 at auction!

That's One Lucky Young Man

When NRA Gun Gurus – who have seen most everything there is to see in the world of rare and valuable firearms - get excited about a gun, you know it has to be great! Phil meets a father and son with an 1881 Marlin Ballard and Jim tells the fantastic story of the Parker shotgun owned by Annie Oakley from the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO.

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