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Season: 2017

Episode 401 - Marathon/Miami

This week, after wrapping up things at the scouting office, Jared heads to Marathon, Florida for a week of fishing, and other various activities, before hitting Miami with good friend and captain, Jimmy Wickett.

Episode 402 - North Carolina

This week, Jared's planning on hitting one of his favorite fisheries, North Carolina, where he's going to be fishing with Captain Rick Croson for the 3rd year in a row. Together, the guys hit it hard, and Jared comes face to face with one of his biggest fears.

Episode 403 - Venice, Louisiana

This week, Jared's headed back to one of his favorite locations, Venice, Louisiana. Joining Captain James Peters, and his deckhand "Bones" the guys battle record rainfall, and all-around bad weather, but come out on top in the end.

Episode 404 - Florida Keys

This week, Jared's fishing his home state of Florida, but this isn't an ordinary fishing trip. Join Jared as he learns the meaning of "Snorkel Fishing" on this unique trip down in the Florida Keys.

Episode 406 - Southern Island Adventure

For Jared Jeffries, basketball has always come first. But what most people don't know is that Jared is an avid angler. Jared’s passion is to share Modern Fishing with the world.

Episode 405 - Sarasota

This week, Jared's continuing his Florida adventure, but this time a little closer to home. Join Jared as he and his buddies set out to enjoy the Florida Fishery, targeting amberjacks, king mackerel, and anything else the ocean throws at them.

Episode 407 - Vanuatu

Jet lag is no match for Jared when he travels to Vanuatu to meet up with his good buddy James Peters in the hopes of reeling in some dogfish tuna and catching up with the locals.

Episode 408 - Panama

Jared struggles to get out of the office to catch some Yellowfin in Panama. Once there, Jared encounters one of the best scenarios of his life.

Season: 2016

Episode 301 - Season 3 - A Look Ahead

Jared kicks off season 3 by introducing this year's cast of characters and sets up all the fishing destinations and cuisine ahead of him this year.

Episode 302 - Islamorada Tournament Pt. 1 - Offshore Day

Jared is participating in the Islamorada Fishing Tournament held at the Cheeca Lodge down in The Florida Keys. The tournament is put on by the Widom brothers to benefit Chrons Disease and Celiac research. Jared being the competitor that he is hits the water with Capt. Jack Carlson and aims to rack up the most points fishing for Permit the first day of the event.

Episode 303 - Islamorada Tournament Pt. 2 - Inshore Day

After a great day offshore at the Islamorada Fishing Tournament, Jared finds himself not far from 1st place. So for the inshore day of the tournament he's joined by tournament runner Mitch Widom and his Captain. With Jared on the spinning reel and Mitch on the fly rod, the crew aims to slam the inshore fish and secure first place.

Episode 304 - Backyard Jiggin' in Palmetto

Jared loves fishing out of his backyard in Palmetto, Florida, but fishing is always more fun with friends. So today, Jared is joined by Jon Brunson of Addicted to the Outdoors, as well as a whole crew buddies looking to wet some lines.

Episode 305 - New Jersey Big Eye

The Blue Runner is one of the most successful charters when it comes to catching Big Eye Tuna off Point Pleasant, New Jersey. So it's no surprise that Jared has become good friends with first mate Steve. Together they gather a knowledgeable and experienced crew headed by veteran Capt and head out to a Big Eye hotspot.

Episode 306 - Venice, Louisiana Pt. 1 - Driftin' the Rigs

Jared and his good friend Jimmy head down to Venice, Louisiana in hopes to get their lines tight in this diverse fishery. Jared has a long history fishing here with Capt. James Peters of Osprey Charters. Also joined by his cousin Delray, Jared and the crew head out to drift the Gulf of Mexico's oil rigs and chase after tuna.

Episode 307 - Panama Pt. 1 - Cubera Redemption

One of Jared's favorite places to fish in the world is Panama, so it's no surprise that he makes sure to head there at least once a year. But after being dodged by the toothy Cubera Snapper for the last couple years, Jared is here for redemption this time.

Episode 308 - World Travel Adventures

Jared takes a look back at some of the most exotic travel destinations and memorable catches from this year, and past seasons.

Episode 309 - Southern Florida Spearfishing

Jared's back fishing in his home state, joined by Jon Brunson of Addicted to the Outdoors this time around. Together, the crew heads out to Sarasota Bay for some offshore fishing and spearfishing. Together the two boats aim to tag team the local reef and wreck life.

Episode 310 - Venice, Louisiana Pt. 2 - Inshore with Killa

Like many anglers, Jared was introduced to fishing as a young boy by his father. So today, Jared wants to return the lifelong favor and get his dad on some Venice Bull Reds in Louisiana. Joined by Capt. James Peters, the guys plan on hammering the inshore fish.

Episode 311 - Panama Pt. 2 - Chasing Tuna

Jared could never leave Panama without putting a big yellowfin in the boat. However, with the locals saying the tuna bite is dead this time of year and massive rain storms offshore, the odds aren't in his favor, but for Jared that's just more motivation to get the job done.

Episode 312 - Wilmington, NC - Wahoo Run

Last year Jared met Capt. Rick Croson when he came out to explore the fishery of Wilmington, North Carolina. The fishing was so good that Jared had to come back. But this time Jared has planned to spend 3 days out on the water in order to try and catch everything Wilmington has to offer.

Episode 313 - Best Of Season 3

Jared celebrates the end of another season of Modern Fishing by revisiting the greatest moments and best catches Season 3 has to offer.

Season: 2015

Episode 201 - Exotics of North Carolina

Jared's out in Wilmington North Carolina fishing for Grouper with Captain Rick. With Rick's knowledge of the area, the pair was able to hook up on a variety of fish, including a few truly exotic ones.

Episode 202 - Panamanian Fishing Paradise Pt. 1

Jared returns to one of his beloved fishing destinations; Panama. He managed to run into a massive yellowfin bait ball on his last trip, so hopes are high for this year's haul. Though it's slow goings at the start, the crew finds out that Panama always delivers on the yellowfin.

Episode 203 - Puerto Rican Tarpon Cuisine

Jared hits Puerto Rico with good friend and culinary Chef., Cedric Taquin. The pair heads a few miles off the shore of Aricebo to reel in some Blackfin Tuna and Black Jack. Afterwards, Cedric takes us to cooking school by showing us the art of preparing fish and Jared makes his way to the lagoons of San Juan to hook up on some PR Tarpon.

Episode 204 - Spinnin' Reels in Tampa

Jared is casting out in Tampa, Florida with a couple of his pals and basketball player Jeremy Lin. While battling rough seas, the guys manage to land some wicked Red Snapper, Amberjack and Red Grouper.

Episode 205 - Wreckin' In The Gulf

Jared's fishing with his hometown Captain, Chris Seger. They make a long run off the coast of Sarasota to fish sunken freighters 400 feet below the surface. The whole crew lands on a mountain of Amber and Almaco Jacks along with a few Scamp Grouper.

Episode 206 - Maine's Red Fish Rundown

Jared meets up with fan of the show, and Maine local, Luke Martin. They sail out onto the cold winds and run into a storm of Redfish. After hooking up left and right, the pair goes after some Cod, Cusk and Haddock. Later on, the crew has a close encounter with some massive Humpback Whales.

Episode 207 - Panamanian Fishing Paradise Pt. 2

Jared continues his escapades across Panama. This time he's all about inshore fishing and ends up in an encounter with a nasty Cubera Snapper. Later on, Jared manages to hook up on his 1st ever Broomtail Grouper and it's a monster.

Episode 208 - Costa Rica's Monster Marlin

Jared journeys to Costa Rica following rumors of epic Marlin bites. He's looking to set a record as the first angler to leader a Marlin on an artificial popper. Jared's got a 61ft boat, and he's gonna need it since the crew ends up raising over 30 monster Marlin.

Episode 209 - Sarasota Fishing Addiction

Jared's casting out in his backyard with friends Jon & Gina Brunson and Capt. Chris Seger. It's slow-goings to start, but Gina ups the ante and manages to keep a tight line all afternoon. Will the boys be able to catch up?

Episode 210 - Dueling Swordfish in Duck Key

Jared's in Duck Key Florida with his buddy Capt. Branden. The pair meet up with Capt. Seger and Capt. Stacy to hook up on some Swordfish. Branden's had incredible success lately and he's aiming to get Jared on one of these massive fish.

Episode 211 - Deep Hooks in Key West

Jared, Capt Chris, Capt Stacy, and Capt Branden take the boat down to Key West. The crew sails out towards the Tartugas and cast out for some deep sea fishing. The guys hook up on some Red and Black Grouper, Red Snapper and Yellowfin tuna. Later on, the crew scopes out Camp Jefferson at a nearby island.

Episode 212 - Captains and Kayaks

Jared takes up an offer from a local Captain, and fan of the show, to pound a hotspot of Redfish. The pair manage to hook up on a couple different inshore species along the way. Later on, Jared tests his luck at Kayak fishing with Captain Jason. Will the duo hit it big, or will shallows keep their icebox empty?

Episode 213 - Best Of Season

Get ready for some screamin' reels as we take a look back at the epic second season of Modern Fishing. Watch as host Jared Jeffries brings you the greatest fishing moments of the 2014 season.

Season: 2014


Jared heads to David, a small village on the west coast of Panama. He heads offshore in the South Pacific and hooks up on some monster Yellowfin Tuna. The scenery is beautiful, the weather is awesome, and the conditions are all lining up to make the perfect conditions for the best fishing ever.


Jared takes his good friend Adrian out off the coast of Tampa Bay in the Gulf of Mexico. Searching for Red Snapper, Grouper, and Amberjack, they have a great time getting after the fish on Jared’s boat.


Jared heads to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in search of Yellowfin Tuna. Jared hooks his first Sailfish of the season right off the bat. Later friend Adrian joins Jared and the Roosterfish seem to be hungry for what the guys are casting out. Despite poor weather conditions, they head to some remote islands in hopes of a better chance to getting on the tuna.

Palmetto Offshore Jon

Jared is in Palmetto, Florida with his good friend Jon Holt. Jared teaches Jon the jigging technique and it's not long till he is reeling in fish. They both catch several Amberjack, including some double hookups. Jared also catches a large African Pompano. Tune in for this very educational and fun episode of Modern Fishing!

Cape Cod

Jared joins friend Adrian and Captain Dom in Cape Cod to search for some Bluefin Tuna. The fishing is difficult, but they are determined to have a successful trip. Jared experiences a school of Humpback whales and a close dolphin encounter. Adrian even catches his biggest Striped Bass ever.

Who is Jared Jeffries

In this special episode of Modern Fishing, we explore the host, Jared Jeffries. A behind the scenes look at the history of Jared, how he got started with fishing, and what he has learned along the way. Plus join Jared’s mom as she talks about Jared as a son, competitor, fisherman, educator, and a friend.

Panama Part 2

Jared continues his trip in Panama. Jared fishes offshore in the South Pacific and gets some monster Yellowfin. The scenery is beautiful, the weather is awesome, and the fish are biting. He catches tons of species, the highlight being Yellowfin and Dorado Mahi, as well as Roosterfish.

Vanuatu Part 1

In this two part show, Jared travels across the world with his friend James to the small, isolated tribal island country of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. They fish with Ocean Blue Fishing, catching several different species and having a blast along the way.

Vanuatu Part 2

Part two of this two part series, Jared continues his adventures in Vanuatu. Jared's biggest catches includes a Dogtooth, Giant Trevally, and a monster Tuna. This epic trip across the globe ends with a celebratory feast with the natives.


Jared visits his friend, Captain James for some offshore fishing in Louisiana, in search of Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna. The guys test their luck jigging for some American Red Snapper and Trout as well, and Jared even gets to have a close encounter with a shark.

Florida In-Shore

Jared travels to three different locations in beautiful Southwest Florida, in search of that monster catch. Join Jared on this trip as he visits Palmetto, Sarasota and the Florida Keys staying in-shore to see what type of game fish he can land.

Palmetto Offshore - Sami

Jared invites his friend, Sami, to do some offshore fishing from Jared's home in Palmetto, Florida. Although Sami loses a lot of lures, the fish are biting and the action is hot. They catch a wide variety of different species, with Amberjack biting the lines the most. They have an exciting close encounter with a large shark as well, and you know how Jared just loves sharks.

Best Of

This week, Jared revisits his most memorable moments and epic catches of the first season. We also take a look back to all the beautiful trips and the good times Jared had traveling the world filming for Modern Fishing!

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