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Episode Guide

Season: 2014


Jared heads to David, a small village on the west coast of Panama. He heads offshore in the South Pacific and hooks up on some monster Yellowfin Tuna. The scenery is beautiful, the weather is awesome, and the conditions are all lining up to make the perfect conditions for the best fishing ever.


Jared takes his good friend Adrian out off the coast of Tampa Bay in the Gulf of Mexico. Searching for Red Snapper, Grouper, and Amberjack, they have a great time getting after the fish on Jared’s boat.


Jared heads to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in search of Yellowfin Tuna. Jared hooks his first Sailfish of the season right off the bat. Later friend Adrian joins Jared and the Roosterfish seem to be hungry for what the guys are casting out. Despite poor weather conditions, they head to some remote islands in hopes of a better chance to getting on the tuna.

Palmetto Offshore Jon

Jared is in Palmetto, Florida with his good friend Jon Holt.  Jared teaches Jon the jigging technique and it's not long till he is reeling in fish. They both catch several Amberjack, including some double hookups. Jared also catches a large African Pompano. Tune in for this very educational and fun episode of Modern Fishing!

Cape Cod

Jared joins friend Adrian and Captain Dom in Cape Cod to search for some Bluefin Tuna. The fishing is difficult, but they are determined to have a successful trip. Jared experiences a school of Humpback whales and a close dolphin encounter. Adrian even catches his biggest Striped Bass ever.

Who is Jared Jeffries

In this special episode of Modern Fishing, we explore the host, Jared Jeffries. A behind the scenes look at the history of Jared, how he got started with fishing, and what he has learned along the way. Plus join Jared’s mom as she talks about Jared as a son, competitor, fisherman, educator, and a friend.

Panama Part 2

Jared continues his trip in Panama. Jared fishes offshore in the South Pacific and gets some monster Yellowfin. The scenery is beautiful, the weather is awesome, and the fish are biting. He catches tons of species, the highlight being Yellowfin and Dorado Mahi, as well as Roosterfish.

Vanuatu Part 1

In this two part show, Jared travels across the world with his friend James to the small, isolated tribal island country of Vanuatu in the the South Pacific. They fish with Ocean Blue Fishing, catching several different species and having a blast along the way.

Vanuatu Part 2

Part two of this two part series, Jared continues his adventures in Vanuatu.  Jared's biggest catches includes a Dogtooth, Giant Trevally, and a monster Tuna. This epic trip across the globe ends with a celebratory feast with the natives.


Jared visits his friend, Captain James for some offshore fishing in Louisiana, in search of Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna. The guys test their luck jigging for some American Red Snapper and Trout as well, and Jared even gets to have a close encounter with a shark.

Florida In-Shore

Jared travels to three different locations in beautiful Southwest Florida, in search of that monster catch. Join Jared on this trip as he visits Palmetto, Sarasota and the Florida Keys staying in-shore to  see what type of game fish he can land.

Palmetto Offshore - Sami

Jared invites his friend, Sami, to do some offshore fishing from Jared's home in Palmetto, Florida. Although Sami loses a lot of lures, the fish are biting and the action is hot. They catch a wide variety of different species, with Amberjack biting the lines the most. They have an exciting close encounter with a large shark as well, and you know how Jared just loves sharks.

Best Of

This week, Jared revisits his most memorable moments and epic catches of the first season.  We also take a look back to all the beautiful trips and the good times Jared had traveling the world filming for Modern Fishing!

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