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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Big Times in the Bluegrass State Part 1

Hank Parker Jr. and Billy Parker begin the hunting season with a trip to Kentucky. After bowfishing all night, they make it to the stand for opening day. Rick Forrest, designer of Swhacker Broadheads, joins the guys to kick off the new season of Hank Parker’s Flesh & Blood.

Big Times in the Bluegrass State Part 2

Rick Forrest scored on a buck on the opening day of the Kentucky season. Hank Jr and Billy continue to hunt the early season hoping to tag out.

The Masters of Spring

Hank Sr., Hank Jr., and John Tate, producer and editor of Flesh & Blood, take some young guys on a hunt sponsored by Outdoor Dream Foundation turkey hunt in Georgia during the opening weekend. After the Georgia trip, Hank Jr. takes his son, Boone, on a father-son turkey hunt.

A Rite of Passage

Boone, Hank Jr.’s son, hunts hard and tags his first buck at the family farm in South Carolina. Hank Jr.’s daughter, Alex, spends time in the woods with her dad and brother, and she puts a tag on a great southern buck.

Gator Quest

Catfish and Mrs. Catfish head to south Florida on a quest for a gator. Catfish doesn't miss the added opportunity to stalk swamp hogs while he’s there.

Hank's Honey Hole

Hank Sr. leaves Jr. and Catfish at the house and heads north of the border to his favorite Canadian honey hole. The bow hunt for a bruiser is on.

So Much More than A Hunt

Catfish joins a young man on an elk hunt with the Outdoor Dream Foundation. While Hank Sr. hunts with long time friend and true American hero Cleb McClary. They join a few veterans and their children on a turkey hunt in North Carolina.

Bear Necessities

Billy “Catfish” Parker heads up to Canada with a couple of friends to do some spring bear hunting with his PSE.

Giles Island

The entire crew heads to the famous Giles Island in Mississippi in early October with the guys from PSE archery. After walking away empty handed in October, Hank Jr. and Catfish head back to Giles Island in early December looking for redemption.

The Kansas Rut

Catfish & Jr. roll into Kansas during mid November hoping the rut is in full swing and the bucks are on their feet. Hank Sr. hunts with old friends, the Coyles, with high hopes of filling his Kansas tag.

The Honey Brake Experience Part 1

After Hank Jr. put a Louisiana bruiser on the ground at the end of last season the guys get ready for another year at Honey Brake. Catfish kicks off the hunting in the early season and gets a game plan together. Jack Kelly hunts with the crew and sees a huge southern buck. Hopefully, he can hold it together long enough to get a shot.

The Honey Brake Experience Part 2

Hank Sr. brings in a few friends and hosts a hunt for some giant southern bucks. Hank gets an opportunity at a super wide brute, and Hank’s friend, Keith Kelly, sets his sights on a great buck.

The Honey Brake Experience Part 3

The crew hunts for the bruiser bucks that made the hit list. One of Hank’s friends, John Prior, gets a shot at the buck of a lifetime. As the season in Louisiana wraps up Hank has a second tag burning a hole in his pocket.

Season: 2013

Flesh & Blood (SC)

Billy does some early season bow hunting on the family farm in South Carolina. Also, taking a look back at how the Parker family got their start in the hunting world.

Wild West Wyoming Antelope (WY)

Hank Jr. spends some time with a few friends chasing Antelope. This is an early season bow hunt that kicks off Hank Jr.'s season.

Kansas Archery Tag

Hank Sr. and Jr. both have a Kansas tag. It’s the heart of the rut and time to make it happen in the mid-west.

Missouri Madness

Hank Sr. and Hank Jr go on a archery hunt the first week of November.

Honoring our Wounded Warriors (Ohio deer/Texas)

Hank Jr hunts in Ohio with some hero’s from Wounded Warrior. Hank Sr. spends some time in Texas hunting with a couple of hero’s also.

Cajun Delight (Honey Brake and Giles)

Hank Sr. and Hank Jr. hunt in Cajun country. They start the early season off at Giles Island and end up at Honey Break in Louisiana.

North of the Border (Canada)

Hank Parker and friend Keith Kelly hunt in Canada for big whitetails.

One-Two Punch in Iowa

Hank Sr. and Hank Jr. hunt Iowa. Hank Sr. draws an archery tag and Hank Jr. does some muzzleloader hunting.

Masters of Spring (Outdoor Dream Turkey Hunt)

Hank Sr. and John Tate do some early season turkey hunting in Georgia with a couple of young guys from the Outdoor Dream foundation.

One Last Deer Hunt (Alabama w/Spook)

The whole crew heads down to Alabama for a late season deer hunt.

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