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Season: 2015

Episode 201 - The Lost Mountains: Part One

Jim Shockey returns with old friends as they begin a new adventure into the untamed mountains of the Yukon on a mission to find a Native American legend.

Episode 202 - The Lost Mountains: Part Two

The second phase of the Yukon adventure. Jim and Rich continue to the Lost Mountains in search of the incredibly elusive mountain sheep while Wojo and Donnie head into the valley on a quest to find Caribou.

Episode 203 - Rogue

Jim faces off against a rogue buffalo that is endangering the local population during a flood in Paraguay.

Episode 204 - Predator

Jim faces old demons in Paraguay in order to help capture one of the most dangerous and elusive predators in South America.

Episode 205 - Mountain of God

Jim journeys to Tanzania to explore the birthplace of hunting while investigating the effects of an ongoing drought in the shadow of the Mountain of God.

Episode 206 - Preservation

Jim is on a mission to rejuvinate hunting in one region of Tanzania, while witnessing the horrifying results of elephant poaching in another.

Episode 207 - A Dangerous Land

Jim investigates the symbiotic relationship between the natives of Tanzania and the highly dangerous African buffalo that live amongst them.

Episode 208 - Fear

Jim's skills are put to the test when a village asks for his help to deal with a dangerous hippo in Tanzania.

Episode 209 - Return

Jim faces personal demons as he returns to the Caucasus Mountains of Russia on a quest to hunt tur.

Episode 210 - The Climb

Jim faces blinding fog, steep mountains, and communication breakdowns as he searches for chamois and tur in the Caucasus Mountains of Russia.

Episode 211 - Maneater

Jim joins forces with Ivan Carter and together they invesitage the terrifying reality of maneating crocodiles in Mozambique.

Episode 212 - Desperate Times

Jim and Ivan Carter encounter danger and worse in the heart of Mozambique.

Episode 213 - Best of the Year

The best adventures of Uncharted season 2 are highlighted.

Season: 2014


Meet Jim Shockey and Corey Knowlton, two contrasting characters who nevertheless share the same passion to explore and hunt the most remote and uncharted areas on planet earth. First stop: Papua New Guinea.

Meat Eaters

Jim brings meat to the local village while Corey explores leech infested swamps looking for the local deer. Local villagers tell Jim of a remote area 400 miles away where buffalo roam.

End Game

Jim and Corey split up to and search for buffalo. Jim, unable to reach Corey by radio, hears several shots from Corey's direction and heads out to search for his friend.

The Bears That Couldn't Be

Jim and Corey search for an epic hunting spot deep in the coastal rain forest that Jim last explored 20 years ago.

Life and Death

Jim comes face to face with a monster black bear.

Heaven's Gate

Jim and Corey journey to the Tien Shan mountain range in search of high altitude mountain dwelling sheep and Ibex.


Corey makes a last ditch attempt to find an Ibex before a satellite phone call changes everything, he must now choose between his family and his best hunting buddy.


Jim heads to one of the most dangerous places on the planet while Corey, choosing to stay behind, takes his horse on a lone hunt through the badlands where he grew up.


Jim continues his hunt through extremely dangerous but also beautiful areas of Pakistan.

The Ancient Ones

Jim and Corey’s Arctic adventure starts with Muskox, an animal practically forgotten since pre-historic times.

The Last Hunters

The Inuit, the most northern of Mother Earth’s long forsaken hunting societies, take Jim and Corey on their last adventure together. Jim finds inspiration and meaning from the empty stretches of broken ice and the people who live off it.


The best adventures of UNCHARTED Season 01 are reviewed.

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