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Episode Guide

Season: 2015

Episode 801 - Chootin' n' Headhuntin'

Troy and Jacob Landry,  along with the Headhunters, join the Busbices at camp in Olla for some white tail deer action.

Episode 802 - Metro Matt and BBK

Bill is in Olla looking for white tail, Ryan is stuck at the office, and Matt is living it up at the Miss Alabama Pageant.

Episode 803 - Buck Dynasty

The Buck Commanders invade Camp Olla for a little white tail action.

Episode 804 - Should've Got the Insurance

Matt, Ryan and Bill hunt deer in Kansas. Ryan takes up deer hunting with his rental vehicle.

Episode 805 - Early Season Thunder Chickens

Matt is on the hunt for  Thunder Chickens in Florida, while Ryan and Terry take their sons to Mississippi to look for birds. Bill holds down the fort in Olla.

Episode 806 - Early Season Thunder Chickens Pt. 2

Matt is on the hunt for  Thunder Chickens in Florida, while Ryan and Terry take their sons to Mississippi to look for birds. Bill prepares to kick off turkey season in Louisiana. 

Episode 807 - The Flextone World Turkey Hunting Championship Pt. 1

The Headhunters, Trained Assassins, Turkey Man and the Busbices compete in The Flextone World Turkey Hunting Championship.

Episode 808 - The Flextone World Turkey Hunting Championship Pt. 2

The Headhunters, Trained Assassins, Turkey Man and the Busbices compete in The Flextone World Turkey Hunting Championship.

Episode 809 - Headhuntin' Funky Chickens in Louisiana

The Headhunters are in camp with the Busbices hunting Turkeys with Crossbows and Shotguns.

Episode 810 - Early Season Thunder Chickens

Matt is on the hunt for Thunder Gobblers in Florida, while Ryan and Terry take their sons on the youth hunt in Mississippi with the Turkey Man.

Episode 811 - Operation Turkey Harpoon Pt. 1

Matt Busbice travels to Missouri and Pennsylvania with the Headhunters trying to bust some beaks with his turkey harpoon.

Episode 812 - The Final Frontier pt. 1

Ryan and his childhood friend, Lance, travel with David Barnett to Alaska on the crossbow moose hunt of a lifetime, while Matt and Bill chase elk and mule deer in Wyoming.

Episode 813 - The Final Frontier pt. 2

Ryan, Lance Ortemond, and David Barnett are still chasing moose in Alaska, and Bill's got his eye on a trophy mule deer in Wyoming.

Episode 814 - Stealing Harvard

Ryan, Big Bill, T-Carr, and Lance Ortemond travel to Rhode Island for Matt Light's Celebrity Shoot-Out, while Matt's out west trying to kill a deer with the Headhunters crew.

Episode 815 - The North Dakota Mini-Van Excursion

Matt and Ryan are trying to smoke some man hammer bucks in North Dakota, but Big Bill the Killer doesn't have to leave the property in Louisiana to knock one down.

Episode 816 - Malice In Chains

The Busbice boys are in camp in Louisiana, and Matt's upset that Big Bill's not taking the hunt to seriously.

Episode 817 - Swamp Persons

Bill, having just harvested a bull frog toad of a buck in Louisiana, is taking the week off, while Matt travels to Wyoming to bust an elk, and Ryan travels south on a gator hunt with the Landrys.

Episode 818 - The Legend of Jaw Dropper

The Busbices are joined in camp by the Buck Commander crew. Matt is still hunting Jaw Dropper, the buck he's been after for three years!

Episode 819 - Camera Game Nation

The Buck Commander crew is still in camp with the Busbices. This week, the camera men from each show take it to the deer woods to compete in the "Culliest of Cull Bucks" competition.

Episode 820 - Ohio is for Haters

Matt and Bill are back at CEWO Outfiiters in Ohio, where last year Matt killed the biggest buck of his life. Same old story with Ryan… He's working and hunting in Louisiana.

Episode 821 - Olla: The City of Brotherly Love

Matt and Ryan are basking in brotherly bondage time this week. The Busbices are in camp in Louisiana after some big, bruiser, bouffant, barbaric, bestial, bicornate, bohemoth bucks in Louisiana.

Episode 822 - Pheasant Game Nation

Matt discovers that his true passions is pheasant hunting while deer hunting with the Landrys at Jackie Bushman's lodge in Montana. Big Bill is hunting Wisconsin, and Ryan's in Louisiana.

Episode 823 - Red Arrow Gives Big Bill the Red Ass

Kip Campbell from Red Arrow TV joins the Busbices in camp in Louisiana, and proceeds to piss off Big Bill.

Episode 824 - Praise Be to Olla!

Swamp Persons, Headhunters, and BuckMasters all crash the Busbice's lodge in Olla, Louisiana. With all these shenanigans going on, praise be to Olla if the Busbices make it through this week.

Season: 2014

Miss Wildgame Nation

This week Matt hosts the annual Miss Wildgame Nation hunting Pageant. This year's competitors include Miss Alabama USA, Miss North Carolina USA and last year's Miss North Carolina USA.

Helicopter Coyote Hunt

This week Matt is back in Texas with Heli-hunter, this time to take the first ever coyote with a crossbow - from a helicopter!

Episode 714 - Grumpy Old Men

This week Matt attempts to convert his grandfather into a deer hunter and drops in on an Under Armour sales meeting.

Episode 715 - Colorado Elk Adventure Part 1

This week Matt and Ryan head to Colorado to chase Bull Elk while Big Bill does the same at his ranch in Wyoming.

Episode 716 - Colorado Elk Adventure Part 2

The epic conclusion to the Busbice elk hunt.

Episode 717 - LA Opening Weekend Part 1

This week, the Busbice crew are joined by Willie Robertson for some opening weekend crossbow action.

Episode 718 - LA Opening Weekend Part 2

This week Bill stays on the hunt for the biggest buck he's ever seen and a trained assassin visits the camp.

Episode 719 - Velvet Bucks And Beards

This week, the Busbice brothers are low counrty South Carolina to try and take down the first velvet whitetail of their lives.

Episode 720 - God Bless Sconnie

This week Big Bill and Matt hunt Wisconsin.

Episode 721 - Legend Of Mr. Elusive

This week, Bill and Matt hit the piney woods of Louisiana in search of trophy whitetails. Matt is on the trail of a buck he had hunted for over 3 years, Mr. Elusive.

Episode 722 - Ohio Booners Part 1

This week Big Bill and Little Borther Matt Busbice get a chance to hunt monster bucks in Ohio.

Episode 723 - Ohio Booners Part 2

Matt aims to finish what he's started in Ohio, hunting the biggest buck of his life.

Episode 724 - April Fools In December

Matt comes face to face with the buck of the season and Big Bill forgets it's December as he plays an epic April fools prank on Matt.

Episode 725 - Little Willie And The Illinois Curse

This week Matt and Big Bill head to Illinois to chase giant midwestern bucks as Ryan, Jacob Landry and Will Robertson head to Jackie Bushman's deer camp in Montana.

Episode 726 - Montana Cva Bucks And Pierced Ears

This week Ryan hunts big Montana bucks, and Matt crossbows in the land of Lincoln.

Season: 2013

Heli Hog Hunt

Matt hunts wild hogs in Texas from a helicopter with his brand new Ghost 350 crossbow!

Southern BBQ

This week, Matt is hunting turkeys with Randy Birdsong from HeadHunters TV.


This week on Wildgame Nation, Matt has invited a friend to come on a hunt/date, but will the lull in activity cause her to lose interest?

Wild Game Nation Bike

This week on Wildgame Nation, the guys at Orange County Choppers are revealing the amazing hunting theme chopper they built, complete with chrome elk antlers.

New Zealand Crossbow Adventure Pt. 1

This week, Matt & David Barnett are chasing red stag & other exotic trophy animals in the beautiful mountains of New Zealand while Ryan plays a prank on big Bill back home in Olla, Louisiana.

Operation Thunder Chicken

This week on Wildgame Nation, Michael Waddell stops by the Busbice camp with the Head Hunters TV crew to hunt some thunder chickens.

New Zealand Crossbow Adventure Pt. 2

This week Matt and David Barnett conclude their epic New Zealand adventure by chasing more trophy animals and even using a helicopter to spot and drop!

Writer's Turkey Hunt

This week the Busbices are hosting outdoor writers from some of the biggest publications in the industry for a Louisiana turkey hunt, and Tom Wiley has the privileged duty of guiding Matt!

Bushwacked Pt. 1

Jackie Bushman joins the Busbices this week in a Louisiana buck hunt. Matt is accused of "gar holing" the Buckmaster himself.

King Of Spring

This week on Wildgame Nation, we're holding the annual King of Spring contest to determine who's the better thunder chicken slayer.

King Of Spring Conclusion

This week on Wildgame Nation, we're finally crowning our King of Spring after some very stiff competition.

Illinois Becomes Killinois

The Busbices head to Illinois to kill a buck and end their Illinois curse. Jim Schiefelbein gives them a tour of the Boneshed Facilities and the boys learn about some Hard Core decoys.

Bushwacked Part 2

This week the Busbices are in the Louisiana camp with Jackie Bushman, and Jackie plans on unleashing a series of pranks known as "Bushwacks!"

Lil' Toleda

This week, the Busbices head to Kansas to chase monster bucks and Ryan has a heck of time trying to down his own Kansas monster.

Legend of Mad Cow

This week, the Busbices are in Olla Louisiana and Matt is on the trail of one of the biggest deer he has ever caught on trail cam - The 'Mad Cow.'

Season: 2012

Bulls, Bucks, and Blackpowder

This week on Wildgame Nation, NBA legend Scottie Pippen joins the Busbice boys at their camp in Olla, Louisiana for a little bit of basketball and a lot of hunting. Will Scottie be able to take down his first Louisiana trophy buck? Will Big Bill ever make a basketball?

Cheesehead bucks and Louisiana monsters

This week, Matt and Bill head to Wisconsin to stalk midwestern bucks while Ryan stays in Louisiana to hunt and test new products. Can Matt take down a midwest trophy with a rope stuck in the cam of his bow?

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