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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Kabeelo Grouse

Hop on board for pure adventure as hunters and gundogs go to literally untapped Ontario grouse woods by floatplane! Bill Sherck documents life on one of America’s most-remote grouse hunts.

Madelia Opener

Guide Ron Schara celebrates as a small Minnesota town throws a big-time party in honor of opening weekend of the pheasant season. Who knew Madelia was Minnesota’s pheasant capital?

Pineridge Grouse

Minnesota’s newest grouse camp might also be one of North America’s best. Pineridge Grouse Camp guides know where to find PILES of wild grouse and woodcock, all on public property. Bill Sherck tries to chase these wiley, northwoods birds!

Oklahoma Quail

Guide Ron Schara tags along as Oklahoma’s only Quail Forever chapter chases the elusive blue quail. Better watch out! The birds are flyin’!

A Mountain Storm

Guide Bill Sherck tackles a tough Montana mountain hunt as the first major winter storm moves in. The good news is the roosters are flying!

Carlson's Birdy Paradise

Guide Ron Schara teams up with Scott Carlson of Carlson’s Choke Tubes to chase fall quail and spring turkeys.

Regent's Roosters

A Rooster Roadtrip lands Guide Bill Sherck in Regent, North Dakota where bigtime bird numbers aren’t the only fall surprise!

South Dakota Prairie Chickens

Guide Ron Schara spills the beans on one of North America’s best Prairie Chicken haunts. Don’t forget a fishing pole on this trip!

Incredible Quail Numbers!

Guide Bill Sherck lets the cat out of the bag on crazy wild quail numbers. Think thousands of wild flushes a day!

A Frozen River

Montana’s Missouri River is home to great river bottom ringneck hunting. Problem is, early winter weather socks in hunter Bill Sherck.

Under-30 Club

If you’re getting old, get out of the way! The Under-30 Club hunts wild ringnecks in the heart of the pheasant belt. Bill Sherck documents the story behind the next generation of diehard upland hunters.

Lost in the Fog

Guide Bill Sherck finds himself literally lost in the fog, but Idaho’s early-winter weather can’t keep the birds from flyin’!

South Dakota's Late Season

Guide Travis Frank closes out the season tackling sub-zero South Dakota temps. Reports might say wild bird numbers are down, but the team finds a very different story!

Season: 2012

Idaho's Elevation

Bill Sherck guides you through one of the toughest hunts on the planet. Sherck and friends climb North America's deepest canyon in search of Idaho's wildest birds. Watch for pheasants, European gray partridge and wild chukars!

Alberta's Wily Birds!

Bill Sherck guides you through tough weather on the prairies of Alberta. Hunters chase Hungarian partridge, pheasants and very wild sharptail grouse through some of the world's prettiest habitat!

Devils Lake, North Dakota

Ron Schara heads to birdy North Dakota where his fall adventure takes a turn. This upland bird hunt leads to a pile of ducks!

South Dakota's Opener

Ron Schara guides you through North America's biggest bird opener; South Dakota's opening weekend. This adventure comes with more than a few unexpected stops!

3-State, 3-Day Roadtrip

Bill Sherck packs the truck and hits the road with his closest hunting buddies to see if the team can limit out on birds in three states in three days. Not all goes as planned on this journey.

Iowa Pheasant Adventure

Ron Schara's homecoming to Iowa includes a profound pheasant hunt and a look at how the big floods affected Iowa's upland hunting. He shares a few favorites stops on this adventure, including the home of Brownell's.

The Biggest Party in Kansas

Ron Schara guides you to the biggest opening weekend party in Kansas as folks celebrate the Pheasant opener. Bill Sherck tackles the coldest winter hunt you've ever seen!

Carlson's Choke Tubes

Ron Schara meets one of Pheasants Forever's biggest supporters, the folks at Carlson's Choke Tubes. Discover the science behind choke tubes and see how they come to life. Ron and friends put their chokes to work chasing Kansas pheasants and quail.

Best of South Dakota

Ron Schara celebrates the best of South Dakota with an incredible pheasant hunt at South Dakota's fanciest lodge. Bill Sherck squares off for a memorable pheasant hunt in the face of a South Dakota blizzard.

The Other Birds

Bill Sherck gets down and dirty during Minnesota's newest upland season. You'll also get up close and personal as prairie chickens show off their best spring moves. Then we chase a forgotten upland gem, the Woodcock.

Hunts Well Deserved

We document several hunts with folks who deserve a day afield more so than most!

Unusual Lodges

Bill Sherck hangs out with one of his best buddies in one of North America's most unusual hunting camps. What if you could buy your own bank for a buck?

Shotguns and Shells

Ron Schara goes behind the doors at Federal Preminum Ammunition to see a shotgun shell come to life. Also, find out how those shells help raise money so you always have wild places to hunt!

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