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Episode Guide

Season: 2016

Episode 801: Third Time's the Charm

Tiffany's team takes a huge lead in the third annual Crush/Sub7 Turkey Hunt.

Episode 802: Comeback Kids

Lee's team struggle to take the lead from Tiffany in the Third Annual Crush/Sub7 Turkey Hunt. Can Tiffany's team hang on to win?

Episode 803: Cameron's First Turkey

After taking care of the foodplots, The Crush crew cross two states and team up with Mt. Dew to go after longbeards. Cameron goes on his first turkey hunt.

Episode 804: Best of the West Special

Lee and Tiffany look back on their favorite Western hunts.

Episode 805: Benelli's Blastin'

The Crush gang take a break from deer hunting and loads the whole family up to go after Snow Geese in Montana.

Episode 806: Crush Migration

The Crush Crew chases suck and Geese across two states.

Episode 807: Behind the Bucks Special

Lee and Tiffany discuss the strategies and methods for harvesting their best Iowa bucks.

Season: 2015

Episode 701 - Bang! Bang!

Lee and Tiffany chase snow geese across two states.

Episode 702 - Feathers Rain Down

Lee and Tiffany travel to Argentina after Duck, Dove, and Perdiz.

Episode 703 - Turkey Time Part 1

Lee and Tiffany invite the TV crew back for the second annual Sub7 Turkey Hunt. Tiffany struggles to cope with her underperforming team.

Episode 704 - Turkey Time Part 2

The second annual Sub7 Turkey Hunt continues. As feathers fly, the crew turns on one another.

Episode 708 - New Additions

Lee and Tiffany Kick off the 2014 Season in Utah with spot and stalk mule deer hunting. They find out a new member of the family is on the way.

Episode 709 - Double Down

After Tiffany's successful hunt, Lee continues his spot and stalk mule deer hunt in Utah.

Episode 710 - Elk Overload

Lee and Tiffany continue their western hunts with elk in Utah.

Episode 711 - Rocky Mountain Elk

With time running short before the start of whitetail season, Lee and Tiffany continue their elk hunts in the Rocky Mountain state.

Episode 712 - Back to Colorado

Lee takes a break from whitetail hunting to return to Colorado and fill his elk.

Episode 713 - R.I.P. Van Wrinkle

Tiffany's mom kicks off the 2014 whitetail season.

Episode 714 - Tiffany's Whitetail Bow Season

Tiffany's continues her quest for Wally and Starbucks, but sometimes things do not work out as planned.

Episode 715 - Lee's Whitetail Bow Season

Lee hunts the rut to try to put a giant whitetail on the ground.

Episode 716 - Filling Tags

Lee and Tiffany's friends swoop in to fill three Iowa whitetail tags.

Episode 717 - Tom and Tiff

Lee and Tiffany hunt with good friends Tom and Kari Roles during the Iowa muzzleloader season.

Episode 718 - The Wally Show

Tiffany's three year quest to kill the monster buck known as Wally.

Episode 719 - Cold Weather Whitetails

Lee closes out the 2014 Iowa whitetail season.

Episode 720 - Small Town Throwdown

Brantley Gilbert stops by to hunt his first Iowa whitetail. The Lakosky's long awaited addition arrives.

Season: 2014

Foxworthy and Fey

Jeff Foxworthy heads up to Iowa to hunt a trophy buck.

Do the Dew

Lee and Tiffany are in North Carolina chasing longbeards with their friends from Mountain Dew.

The Roles Show

Tom and Kari Roles each try to put a trophy whitetail on the ground.

Season: 2013

New Mexico Elk Part 1

After a three years of hunting at the UU Bar, Lee and Tiffany return determined to fill their tags.

New Mexico Elk Part 2

With one bull down, Tiffany continues her hunt for her first New Mexico elk.

Colorado Elk

Lee and Tiffany get an early jump on a Colorado elk hunt.

Realtree Heads North

Lee and Tiffany prepare to kick off the Iowa season with Tyler Jorden in camp.

Like Son, Like Father

Bill Jorden arrives to try to top Tyler's big Iowa buck.

Treu Flies the Arrow

Brad Treu attempts to continue his success streak in Iowa

The Wide 9

Tiffany's starts the Iowa rut chasing a few known targets.

Dynamic Duo

Brad Penny and Mike Earp shoot for back to back bucks in Iowa.

Blue Fondue

Lee's plans change as EHD takes down an Iowa giant.


Tiffany hunts corn post rut in Iowa.

Linda's First Buck

Tiffany and Linda team up to put Linda's first whitetail on the ground.

The Late Eight

Lee's late season muzzleloader hunting.

Mexico Desert Sheep

Lee and Tiffany chase desert sheep in the mountains of Mexico.

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