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Season: 2014

Milk River Outfitters, MT – “Montana's Monster Riverbottom Whitetails”

Avid hunter and well-known wildlife biologist, Tecomate's Jason Snavely takes his bow to Hinsdale, Montana in hopes of getting up close and personal with a monster riverbottom whitetail. Joining him in the big buck action are two good friends, Will and Joe. This is an episode you won't want to miss.

Global Hunting Resources, CO – “David's Eastern Colorado Redemption Hunt”

The David's are at it again, hunting big whitetails in Eastern Colorado with good friend and Global Hunting Resources owner, Aaron Neilson. On this episode, Tecomate's David Shashy gives host David Morris first crack at a buck on this 5-day hunt since Morris turned over his opportunity at 160-class 8-point buck to Shashy last year, allowing him to realize his dream of giant 8. Unfortunately, Morris ended the hunt empty-handed. Now, he's back for redemption.

La Perla Ranch, TX – “Texas Tribute to a Man of Wisdom”

In this year's annual tribute show to his father, Marvin, Gary Schwarz hunts with football great and newest member to the Tecomate team, Jordan Shipley. Shipley, who overcame serious injuries early in his career to go on the become a 2-time All American at the University of Texas and a NFL receiver, is a man who lived by the words of the college fight song Marvin was known for, “No Te Rajes”, which mean, “Never give up.” Jordan and wife Sunny relive memories of Marvin and make new ones with Gary as they hunt famous La Perla Ranch.

Kroeger Country Outfitters, WY – “Wyoming's Open Country Bucks”

Host David Morris heads to the wide open spaces of Wyoming to hunt with long-time friend, Jadee Kroeger, of Kroeger Country Outfitters. Over the past 3 seasons, David and Jadee have kept tabs on some big mule deer along the Medicine Bow River, and now with a mule deer tag and Remington in-hand, David hopes to get one of these bruisers in his crosshairs. On this hunt, the whitetails are safe...for now.

Campos Viejos, TX – “Texas' Greatest Typical Whitetail Ever”

Campos Viejos Ranch, managed under the Tecomate Food Plot System, has earned the reputation for giant bucks, and this episode will show why … in spades! Owner Hardy Jackson goes after a buck of impossible size, one he believes could potentially be the biggest typical ever in Texas! It's a hunt honoring his departed father Richard, who saw his dreams of giant bucks, working shoulder-to-shoulder with son Hardy and wife Nellie come true on Campos Viejos. Now, you can be sure that Richard will be in Hardy's prayers as he hunts a monster 10-pointer of many lifetimes.

Outback Outfitters, SK – “Blaine's Canadian Muzzleloader Traditions”

Tecomate Pro Staffer and Plotmaster founder, Blaine Burley is returning to Outback Outfitters for the early muzzleloader season. Guide, Troy Folden, has plenty of Reconyx Camera photos of monster deer for Blaine to go after. But, will they show up in daylight hours during this pre-rut hunt? Let's see if Blaine's success continues from years past as he hunts Saskatchewan's vast provincial forest.

Braba Ranch, TX – “Better to Give Than Receive in Texas”

Host David Morris guides charity auction winner, Manuel Azuara, in South Texas on Michael and Amy Deane’s Braba Ranch in hopes of rattling up a monster buck. It’s South Texas hospitality, lots of fun, fast action, and great food as the two find themselves neck deep in big bucks. And before it’s all over, David even finds time to try his hand at bringing down a big Braba Ranch whitetail.

Larry Ellis, OK – “Oklahoma: To Shoot or Not To Shoot?”

The Bucks of Tecomate host David Morris and Tecomate whitetail addict, David Shashy return to Larry Ellis' Oklahoma property to chase whopper whitetails with their Traditions Muzzleloader. But nocturnal pre-rut bucks can be tough to get to play. Let's see if the David’s can tag out before time runs out.

Newell Wildlife Services, MS – “Mississippi's Whitetail Rut”

It's early January and the rut is rocking in Mississippi. Plotmaster founder, Blaine Burley, has traveled there to extend his hunting season on hunt with Tecomate Associate Biologist, Mark Newell, of Newell Wildlife Services. Armed with rattling antlers and hopes of a big Southern buck, Blaine takes the fight to the savvy Mississippi bucks and needs every trick in his arsenal to come out on top.

La Perla Ranch, TX – “La Perla Ranch Doubleheader”

Host David Morris heads to La Perla Ranch again, where he teaches friend Justin Cagle a bit about deer management and guides him for his first Texas trophy buck. Then, David grabs his Remington and rattling horns and takes off after a trophy whitetail for himself. South Texas hunting at its finest as the bucks come fast and big on this episode of The Bucks of Tecomate!

Season: 2013

Wilson Ranch Hunts Kansas - David Morris and David Shashy

Host David Morris and Pro Staffer David Shashy head up to Wilson Ranch hunts in South Central Kansas to hunt the plum thickets with their muzzleloaders during the yearly pre-rut. From spot and stalk, to ground blind hunting and tower stands, will either David find a mature buck they're looking for in their 5-day hunt?

Bill Perkins, Perkins Outfitters, Montana - David Morris and David Shashy

David Morris returns to the hilltops and river bottoms of Bill Perkins' 200,00 acre property, for the choice of either a mule deer or whitetail to hunt. Pro Staff's David Shashy has also tagged along in on the hunt, hoping to tag out on either as well. Both David's are later joined mid-hunt by president of Yeti Coolers, Ryan Seider for his first hunt in Montana.

Somberito Ranch, Texas - David Shashy and Jerry TKac

David Shashy returns to Sombrerito Ranch for the second year in a row to go after not just an average sized whitetail, but one they call a “super buck”. It's the biggest buck they've seen on the property in the past 30 years! After a trip down for three days of solid hunting, many great sized deer are passed, only to hope for the buck of many lifetimes to show. Let's just hope if he does, that David can keep his buck fever under control, as it'll be the biggest deer he'd ever seen in his hunting career.

Trail Ranch Outfitters, Texas - David Morris guides Daughter Jen Duplissey

Father and host, David Morris travels to Trail Ranch Outfitters with his daughter, Jennifer to help guide and rattle in a pre-rut buck with outfitter Justin Trail. As the big deer come running in on this 5-day hunt, family memories are made as David and Jen spend time in the field as they used to when Jen was growing up. It's an episode you won't want to miss.

Larry Ellis, Oklahoma - David Morris

Host David Morris heads to the state of Oklahoma during the peak of the rut to hunt with Larry Ellis, for a chance at a big whitetail deer. While there, he meets Larry's 11-year-old son, Cooper, who's already taken 17 bucks himself. Also in camp is good friend, Rick Newton, who also hunts another part of the property. After many attempts at rattling and many nice buck encounters, David finally spots his buck he's been looking for. It's left up to him to make the right approach.

Campos Viejos Ranch, Texas - Hardy Jackson and Richard Jackson

Tecomate’s Hardy Jacksons and father Richard Jackson once again make memories on their South Texas property hunting a buck that they've caught on Reconyx trail camera. Lucky for Richard, he doesn't have to wait long as his buck steps out from the brush first morning for a clear shot. For Hardy though, after his dad's buck is harvested, goes after a giant elusive buck that they've hunted the past three years and have only seen him a couple times. On the final after noon of production, Hardy's buck comes out of the brush like he owned the area and Hardy's able to make a good shot on the buck. He gets to share the experience with his favorite hunting partner in the end... his father.

British Columbia - Jason Snavely and David Morris

All the way from Pennsylvania, avid hunter, Jason Snavely treks to the Peace River region of British Columbia in search for a big Canadian Whitetail. As the snow comes down, and sitting in the biting cold, he learns about predator management and takes a day to hunt a coyote to help out on the property.

Global Hunting Resources Eastern Colorado - David Morris and David Shashy

It's a tradition by now as host David Morris and Tecomate Pro Staffer, David Shashy, hunt the prairie land of Eastern Colorado for whitetail giants. With Global Hunting Resources owner and outfitter Aaron Neilson as their guide, they'll both be in for another exciting, fast action hunt, has they have experienced in the past. As Morris and Shashy take turns going after giants, Morris gives up his turn as he spots a buck that would most interest Shashy. Let's see if it was the right call.

La Coma Grande, Texas - Gary Schwarz and Professional Country Singer, Mark Wills

Co-host Gary Schwarz gets the opportunity to take a walk down memory lane on his father Marvin's old hunting property, La Coma Grande, and re-live the memories with hunter and professional country singer, Mark Wills, who is after a buck of a lifetime. As they reminisce together, Gary takes Mark to the different spots of the ranch, where he and his daddy hunted over the years, and Mark gets to experience the heartfelt place of where Marvin took his last whitetail, before he passed.

La Perla Ranch, Texas - David Shashy

David Shashy returns to South Texas's La Perla Ranch to hunt the animals that get his blood going every time they step out of the thick Texas brush... big whitetails. He also gets an opportunity to do some management around the property and guide fellow La Perla ranch hunter, Sean Harris. 2 hunt's... one show...can't beat that!

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