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Episode Guide

Season: 2015

Episode 2314 - Young hunter at SWR

Shemane Nugent features a young bowhunter at Spirit Wild Ranch.

Episode 2315 - Bear Adventure Part 1

Join Ted and his 3 sons, Fleetwood, Toby and Rocco as they travel to Alaska for an exciting bear hunt.

Episode 2316 - Bear Adventure Part 2

Toby Nugent scores on a huge black bear in Alaska while Ted takes a big bear in the UP.

Episode 2317 - Ox Ranch Whitetail

Ted visits The Ox Ranch in Texas and tags two whitetail bucks.

Episode 2318 - Shemane hunts MI Whitetail

Shemane Nugent takes a mature whitetail buck with her Mathews bow.

Episode 2319 - Triple Aoudad

Ted scores on not one, not two but three Aoudad Rams.   

Episode 2320 - Rancho Encanto Ranch

Ted, along with cameraman, Kris Helms, travel to the breath taking Rancho Encanto Ranch in South Texas for huge whitetail.

Episode 2321 - Nugent Pork Fest

Ted shoots a white feral hog with his Excalibur crossbow.

Episode 2322 - Ted's Big 9

Join the Whackmaster as he takes one of his largest bucks to date.

Episode 2323 - Amanda Helms Whitetail

Amanda scores her very first whitetail buck.

Season: 2014

Episode 1

Helicopter hunt.

Episode 2

It's Ted's annual Birthday Bash at The YO Ranch in Mountain Home, TX. Ted gets a double on Sitka stag with a handgun and Shemane explains the importance of getting new hunters introduced to the outdoors.

Episode 3

Ted hunts his sacred Michigan family farm for whitetail and Amanda Baker takes her very first animal with an Excalibur crossbow. Plus….an exclusive peek at Ted's new concert DVD, "Ultralive Ballisticrock". See it on Outdoor Channel first!

Episode 4

The Nugents return to their SpiritWild Ranch in Texas and Ted takes a beautiful Scimitar-Horned Oryx with his Mathews Creed. And….don't miss Shemane's fun filled Zumba class to get you in shape for hunting season.

Episode 5

Ted visits a friend's private 18,000 acre ranch in the Texas Hill Country and hunts whitetail and blackbuck with his Mathews. Then on a sightseeing drive, Ted has an opportunity for ibex and takes TWO with his 10mm Glock. What an exciting stalk!

Episode 6

Join Ted as he celebrates 25 years of introducing young people to the outdoors in his Ted Nugent's "Kamp for Kids" program. Plus, Ted takes a massive whitetail buck at SpiritWild Ranch.

Episode 7

Ted hunts aoudad at SpiritWild Ranch and then Sitka deer at The famous YO. SpiritWild Ranch manager, Kris Helms, shares his secrets on planting food plots and the hard work pays off when Kris scores a double on turkey with his Mathews bow.

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