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Beyond The Cast

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Beyond the Cast

Beyond Episode 11: A Good Musky Rod

New technology is a good thing. Check out these Musky rods and learn why Trev is such a fan.

Beyond Episode 10: King Salmon Bait Set Up

Sardine fillet tied to a quick-fish bait makes it irresistible to a Salmon.

Beyond Episode 9: Fred's Loose In Thailand

The people are hospitable, the food is so-so, the music is jammin' and the elephants, well you've got to watch.

Beyond Episode 8: Thailand City Wild Cab

Fresh off the plane and now for the scary stuff, a city cab. Get ready for a wild ride.

Beyond Episode 7: Ghost Boat Prank

When you're 100 miles offshore you need to find things to fill the time and Steve happened to draw the short stick.

Beyond Episode 6: Swordfish Bait Sewing

Trolling well into the dark, it's time for Swordfish. See the bait set up in this exclusive video from Monster Fish.

Beyond Episode 5: Thailand Airport Trip

Pushed into the belly of the beast, flying for half a day requires some pre-flight preparations.

Beyond Episode 4: Where are the Peacocks?

Trevor's looking for a pattern to catch Peacock bass, find out what the pattern is in this Beyond the Cast video from Monster Fish.

Beyond Episode 3: Releasing Tuna Bait

Get an inside look at how the baits are hooked and what tactics are used to catch Monster Tuna.

Beyond Episode 2: Tuna Tackle

Get an inside look at the terminal Tuna tackle tricks for Trev.

Beyond Episode 1: Sturgeon Fishing Rod

What's Trevor using to catch Sturgeon? Find out in this online exclusive video from Monster fish.


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