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SOLO Hunter in its raw form is the pure reality of hunting for an adventure and often times survival. By removing the element of production teams and cameramen, SOLO Hunter has eliminated the disconnect between hunter and viewer. You see the hunts as they do. You go with them as they hunt, kill, eat, sleep and survive in some of the world’s most inclement weather and treacherous terrain. As hosts Tim Burnett and Remi Warren take you on a personalized and intimate adventure, the walls of personal comfort zones are broken down. Burnett and Warren take a non-traditional approach to documenting their adventures. Even though the filming is different, the way they hunt is very familiar to millions of hunters throughout the world. “On Your Own” and “Do It Yourself” are common phrases among hunters in taverns and man room’s throughout the world – their desire is to show the experience of the hunt as it actually happens in a documentary SOLO film style – from the day you think of going on the hunt till the day you load your meat in the locker. SOLO Hunters are providers, SOLO Hunters are hunters.

Official Site: http://www.solohunterstv.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/solohuntertv

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoloHunterTV

Instagram: http://instagram.com/solohuntertv

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Tim Burnett

    From an early age Tim Burnett became an accomplished hunter and outdoor survivalist. Tim has been involved with hunting television for years, mainly as a producer and editor.

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    Remi Warren

    Personality on SOLO Hunters TV on Outdoor Channel. Remi Warren is as extreme of a mountain hunter as you will find anywhere, and is known for being one of the youngest international hunting outfitters in the game.

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