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Join Team Magnum's Tim Herald, James Brion, Gary Joseph and Rob Dunham as we travel the world searching for the biggest and most majestic game on the planet. "Nosler's Magnum TV" delivers hunts with sophisticated, award winning videography. Follow our team of professional hunters and Magnum Hunt Club members from the wind-blown plains of Nebraska to the wild plains of Africa. Every week is a true hunting adventure in High Definition.

Official Site: http://www.magnumhuntclub.com/

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Tim Herald

    For 30 years Tim Herald has written hundreds of magazine articles and has worked as marketing manager for major outdoor companies over the years, but his true passion is making quality outdoor television. You can currently see one such show on Outdoor Channel as he co-hosts "Nosler's Magnum TV".

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    James Brion

    James Brion is an experienced outfitter, videographer, hunting consultant and producer of programming that exemplify the nature of our hunting world. James currently co-hosts "Nosler's Magnum TV" only on Outdoor Channel.

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    Gary Joseph

    An avid sportsman, entrepreneur, and host for Nosler's Magnum TV, Gary Joseph's passion for bowhunting has taken him across North America and beyond.

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    Rob Dunham

    Rob Dunham has 20 years experience outfitting and guiding elk, moose, sheep, caribou, whitetail, bison and black bear. As a tremendous resource for worldwide adventure, Rob currently co-hosts "Nosler's Magnum TV"

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