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Nosler's Live 2 Hunt with Cody Robbins chronicles Cody's quest to combine the biggest free-range, fair chase animals; hard-core, never-say-die hunting attitude; and a humble, everyman approach that makes you feel like you're having a once-in-a-lifetime hunt with your best hunting buddy. Cody's the guy who became Jim Shockey's first official cameraman and TV producer. For years he was Jim's right-hand man, traveling and hunting with the legend in more than 15 countries. Now Cody steps from Jim's shadow to blaze his own trail in professional hunting television!

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    Cody Robbins

    Experienced cameraman-editor, turned host, Cody Robbins now runs his own show, the award winning "Live 2 Hunt with Cody Robbins" on Outdoor Channel.

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