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Hunt Masters captures what dynamic outdoor television is all about.

Hunt Masters combines the adrenaline-fueled excitement of the best outdoor adventure television, stunning visuals of the world’s most exotic and remote wildlife locales, and the hard-earned wisdom, insight and laconic humor of one of hunting’s most respected sportsmen, Gregg Ritz. Each episode transports viewers to a setting and challenge that tests Gregg’s endurance, hones his skill and emboldens his spirit. With an emphasis on the pursuit of giant whitetails, Gregg guides viewers into the wilds of the whitetail woods where the hunter and hunted engage in one of nature’s most ancient and revered rituals. Hunt Masters also features Gregg’s pursuit of other big game trophies such as elk, bear, moose and sheep.

Delivering awe-inspiring scenic and wildlife footage plus gripping over-the-shoulder hunting scenes, Hunt Masters places the viewer right by Gregg’s side as he draws on his 30+ years of adventure hunting experience to demonstrate what’s truly involved when you sacrifice comfort in order to achieve a goal. Get ready for an unbeatable mix of edge-of-your-seat action and proven tactics to sharpen your own outdoor skills.

Official Site: http://www.huntmasters.com/

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    Gregg Ritz

    Watch Gregg on Hunt Masters on Outdoor Channel. Gregg Ritz is a highly respected household name in every arena of the outdoor industry.

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