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About the Show

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FOXPRO Furtakers is the Outdoor Channel’s first and ONLY all-predator hunting show. The show will introduce viewers to great locations, tactics, and gear for predator hunting. Each episode will go beyond the hunt to engage the viewer with compelling HD videography and award-winning story telling.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Abner Druckenmiller

    Abner Druckenmiller is a highly enthusiastic hunter and marketing manager for FOXPRO Inc. He represents the new generation of hunters, which you can see as he co-hosts "FOXPRO Furtakers" on Outdoor Channel.

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    Al Morris

    A top predator hunter, Al Morris is a World Coyote & Elk Calling Champion with a tremendous breadth of knowledge on the sport, and currently a co-host of "FOXPRO Furtakers" via Outdoor Channel.

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    Mike Dillon

    Mike Dillon is an avid hunter, brings a fresh perspective on predator hunting and is always developing new methods, new techniques and testing his skills in the field.

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    Steve Dillon

    Steve Dillon is the operations manager for FOXPRO Inc. and a true lover of the outdoors.

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