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Charlie Ingram and Ray Brazier are proud to bring you another fun season of Fishing University, America's original "How To" fishing program. This year is an exciting mix of shows and once again we are using our boat against boat-team competition. Charlie and Ray will each be teamed with a company representative from one of our show sponsors and will square off each week in a tournament like format.

Not only is this exciting to watch them battle it out, but you are now receiving information and tricks of the trade from four people who are some of the best in the industry. To add an additional spin, the fishermen are given the same small arsenal of tackle. They have two identical tackle boxes filled with lures of different colors and possibly different sizes. The only catch is that they can only use what is in the box. So no tricks up anyone’s sleeves, just pure talent mixed with a little luck.

They have had a great time filming and going all over the country to bring you the best of many different fishing situations. This season they will again be fishing one of the shows from Kayaks! Tune in to see who, if anyone, wound up in the water!

We have had a great time getting this years shows ready for you. Our “Back to School” segments have taken us into high schools all over the country, where we have met and had the opportunity to interact with young people who also have a love of the outdoors. You will get to see some of them each week as well.

Official Site: http://www.fishingu.com

Contact the Show: Debra Talley at dtalley@fishingu.com

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Charlie Ingram

    Charlie Ingram is a professional speaker featured at workshops, seminars, hunting and fishing events and has appeared in major publications, has spent 25 years as a fishing instructor and currently co-hosts "Fishing University" on Outdoor Channel.

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    Ray Brazier

    Ray Brazier is a 20 year veteran tournament angler with 20 plus years experience and is currently a co-host on "Fishing University" only on Outdoor Channel.

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