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Babes with Bullets - women’s action shooting camps. Winner of the Outdoor Channel Golden Moose Award “Best Online Series” at SHOT Show 2012!

Now in its eighth season this unique camp travels to regions throughout the US with its all-female staff to introduce women to firearms. According to camp director, Deb Ferns, “there has been over 2,000 women participate in the program since 2004 with the majority of them having little or no exposure to firearms prior to camp.” Ferns made note that the age of the campers typically spans from 18 to 78 and most look at this event as “part pajama party, part adventure camp, and part firearms training.” The three day camps are dominantly geared toward handguns though specialty camps each year also add in rifle and shotgun training as well.

The first camp was held in April 2004 at the home range of head instructor, Kay Clark-Miculek. Miculek is a 14 time national multi-gun (action shooting with rifle, pistol and shotgun) champion as well as a several time world handgun champion. Other female instructors assisting Kay at camps are also world and national shooting sports champions. “This is an unusual training opportunity for women” stated Miculek “with our staff picked for their abilities to work with novices in a way that is empowering without being overpowering.” According to Miculek many of the campers will shoot a gun for the first time and after completing the three day program they will have shot hundreds of rounds from various calibers of handguns. Miculek added, “Each woman will leave from this camp with a new life skill. Our emphasis is to show the ladies that shooting is a safe, enjoyable, and rewarding sport for women of all ages.” She also noted that many of the camps have intermediate level training available for women who are already competing.

The cost of the three day camps is available at a discount due to the on-going support by the Babes with Bullets Foundation Sponsor, which is Smith & Wesson. Through S&W additional “loaner” equipment is available for women who come to camp without their own firearm. Additional sponsors have stepped up to also help with holsters, belts, hearing protection, and any other gear needed to let the women campers “try before they buy.” Camp registration and additional information are available at

Babes with Bullets 2012 Sponsors:

Foundation Sponsor – Smith & Wesson

Platinum Sponsor – Bushnell

Platinum Sponsor – Atlanta Arms & Ammo

Gold Sponsor – United States Practical Shooting Association

Silver Sponsor – Hi Viz Shooting Systems

Silver Sponsor – JP Enterprises

Silver Sponsor – Mossberg

Bronze Sponsor – Howard Leight

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Meet The Host(s)

  • /content/personalities/deb-ferns-218x123.jpg

    Deb Ferns

    Deb Ferns is a motivational speaker, board member of the Women's Outdoor Media Association and co-founder the women's action shooting camp "Babes with Bullets".

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  • /content/personalities/kay-miculek-218x123.jpg

    Kay Miculek

    The undisputed ruler of "SHOOTOUT LANE" is Jerry's wife, Kay, daughter of legendary competitor, gunsmith and World War II hero Jim Clark Sr. She is the classic Southern Matriarch, steel magnolia to the core.

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  • /content/personalities/lisa-munson-218x123.jpg

    Lisa Munson

    Lisa Munson is the Senior Instructor of Babes with Bullets and is a multi award-winning shooter of various national and international competitions. She co-hosts "Babes with Bullets" at

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