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Chris Brackett has an affliction, an incurable yearn for all things archery - an Arrow Affliction. One of the hottest young talents in the outdoor industry, Brackett brings an unprecedented skill level and an infectious enthusiasm to the range and the field as he pushes the limits of what can be hit with an arrow in his training sessions, and then applies those lessons to the pursuit of a wide variety of game.

Arrow Affliction presented by Mossy Oak blows the doors off conventional bowhunting television as Brackett fires thousands of arrows into targets such as aspirin, clay pigeons, ping-pong balls, pheasants, bullfrogs, trophy pronghorns and much more. Hold onto your seat as this amazing archer combines the highest levels of marksmanship and showmanship in Chris Brackett's Arrow Affliction presented by Mossy Oak -- AIN'T NOTHIN' SAFE!

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Chris Brackett

    Educational outdoor entertainer Chris Brackett brings his production and editing skills into hosting both "Arrow Affliction" and "Fear No Evil" on Outdoor Channel.

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