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They’re back! Duck Commander, along with their new companies Fin Commander and Strut Commander, star in their new television series Commander Life. The show displays exhilarating hunting action along with the corporate antics of the Commander Companies.

Duck Commander: Duck Commander was built on passion, pride and faith. It's uncommon to have an occupation that allows you to do what you truly love. The Duckmen do just that. We've come a long way since Phil jumped in his truck in the 70's and sold his duck calls "one at a time." Now Duck Commander is a brand that speaks to more than just the waterfowler. It represents a way of life; one of faith, family and the opportunity to live off the land.

Strut Commander: Strut Commander is fueled by one simple desire — killing turkeys. Our calls are inspired by hunters with one goal — enticing a gobbler into range of our shotgun. The Strut Commander crew chases all species of turkeys across America, tricking long beards into looking for that lonesome hen. Strut Commander incorporates what we learn from our hunts back into these calls for all to use in their neck of the woods. We pride ourselves on making products that can be used by rookies, weekend warriors and turkey killers alike. We know that if properly used, the combination of our calls and a steady aim will help you successfully fill your tags and your dinner plates.

Fin Commander: Fin Commander is a brand built out of passion for the outdoors just like its predecessors Duck and Buck Commander. The brand itself was formally introduced in 2015, but our roots go much deeper. When hunting season ends, we turn our minds toward something new to fill our time and freezers. We head to the water. Fin Commander takes the “serious” out of fishing to take you back to the fun relaxed lifestyle that comes along with one goal in mind: feeding your family off of the bounty of the rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans provide.

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