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Bone-crushing avalanches taking down skiers. Wild grizzly bears mauling hikers. Kayakers pinned under boulders in a rushing river. These people would never get out alive without the help of a fearless team of men and women, ready to deploy to save them.

This is Backcountry Rescue.

Handling nearly 100 rescues a year, the Teton County Search and Rescue (TCSAR) is hands down the busiest search and rescue operation in the nation. With more than 3 million adventure-seekers visiting Jackson, Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park annually, there’s never a dull day for this dedicated crew.

The team is made up of law enforcement, specially-trained wilderness EMTs, and seasoned rescue volunteers. They are bankers and ER docs, moms and dads who drop what they are doing and risk their lives - to help others out of danger.

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Meet The Host(s)

  • /content/personalities/jake-urban-218x123.jpg

    Jake Urban

    Jake Urban runs a snow science and backcountry survival training business when not serving as Deputy Director of TCSAR.

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  • /content/personalities/jess-king-218x123.jpg

    Jess King

    Jess holds the entire team together. She fixes broken gear and comforts the families of victims. She rallies the troops and helps explain what's at stake.

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  • /content/personalities/marilynn-davis-218x123.jpg

    Marilynn Davis

    Marilynn is a new probationary member on the Teton County Search and Rescue team.

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  • /content/personalities/tim-ciocarlan-218x123.jpg

    Tim Ciocarlan

    Tim's day job is building trophy homes for Jackson's ultra-rich. He applies the same perfectionism to his leadership on the team and this year the rookies aspire to meet Tim's high expectations.

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  • /content/personalities/flip-tucker-218x123.jpg

    Flip Tucker

    Another construction guy with a thing for horses and bow hunting, Flip looks forward to mentoring the rookies and leading the snowmobile team.

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  • /content/personalities/dr-aj-wheeler-218x123.jpg

    Dr. AJ Wheeler

    When he's not working in the local emergency room, AJ likes to fly fish and bison hunt. Now as TCSAR's volunteer medical director, he's responsible for mentoring the rookie paramedics on the team.

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  • /content/personalities/cody-lockhart-218x123.jpg

    Cody Lockhart

    Cody embodies the old and new Jackson, the down-home and high-class sides of a town he serves as a volunteer on TCSAR's heli team.

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  • /content/personalities/jon-wiedie-218x123.jpg

    Jon Wiedie

    Jon Wiedie is the TCSAR whitewater expert, and wants to spend lesstime playing and more time out front, leading rescues.

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  • /content/personalities/chris-leigh-218x123.jpg

    Chris Leigh

    Chris rescues his neighbors as a TCSAR volunteer and as an officer of the court. If you're lost in the backcountry, Chris will save your life. If you're arrested, he can save your hide.

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  • /content/personalities/anthony-stevens-218x123.jpg

    Anthony Stevens

    Anthony grew up idolizing TCSAR, and is now one of the most promising young guns on the team.

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  • /content/personalities/jamie-yount-218x123.jpg

    Jamie Yount

    Jamie is both a volunteer and full-time explosives expert for the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

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