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America’s Rifle is an Outdoor Channel Online Exclusive produced my Down Range TV’s Michael Bane and Marshal Halloway. It is all about the AR-15 style rifle that is unprecedented on so many levels it’s hard to count! It is the best-selling rifle in America for several years running. In its full auto M-4/M-16 configuration, it is the longest serving military rifle, the most versatile weapons system ever developed and a rifle that serves equally well for self-defense, target shooting, hunting, every conceivable niche. Its modularity, simplicity and ease of modification by non-gunsmiths has spun off a massive industry of parts, accessories, caliber changes, sub-assemblies, optics, stocks and grips, barrels and to the point that the easily configured (and reconfigured) AR-15 has become known as the “Barbie for men.”

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    Jeff Cramblit

    Jeff Cramblit was born and raised in Alabama and began shooting and hunting at a young age. While serving in the U.S. Navy, Jeff was introduced to competition pistol shooting by his martial arts instructor.

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