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What does it take to produce Drury’s THIRTEEN original episodes for Outdoor Channel? The yearlong commitment, preparation, sweat equity involved in really doing it right. All while respecting the animal that we chase and cherish so much! This all new venture protected by Under Armour pits Man vs. Mother Nature, Drury's vs Deer in a season long knock down drag out battle royal. We wrote the script....but Mother Nature ripped it apart! EHD, drought, moon phase, high temps, nocturnal deer movement...you name it....she threw out everything but the kitchen sink trying to stop us from our objective. The tips, the tactics, the information, is at an all-time high in this new series chronicling Mark & Terry Drury's season long quest for those mature whitetails that we think about 24/7 - 365. They break it down to Drury’s THIRTEEN phases of the deer season....but it was the season that literally drove Drury Outdoors to the brink! With a little help from a cast of characters like Matt & Taylor Drury, Jim Thome & Gary LeVox you'll follow the ups and downs of Drury’s THIRTEEN!

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Terry Drury

    A motivation for ethical hunting and safety, Drury Outdoors creator Terry Drury along with his brother Mark, host various Outdoor Channel shows, including "BioLogic & Drury Outdoors Wildlife Obsession," "Bow Madness," "Dream Season: The Journey," & King Of The Spring."

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    Mark Drury

    Mark holds six different world titles in his more than 150 wins. Co-host of "Bow Madness" on Outdoor Channel.

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    Matt Drury

    From an early age he watched as his father, Terry, and Uncle Mark grew the company from the ground up. Appearing in several of the original videos as a kid he received a firsthand knowledge of what it took to produce a video.

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    Taylor Drury

    For her whole life, Taylor has been around hunting and learned about the outdoors from her dad, Mark, and Uncle Terry. Her dad has been taking her out since she was a little girl and now that she is older, Taylor has gained a respect for the sport.

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    Jim Thome

    Jim has been a long time regular on the Drury Outdoors DVDs and TV shows over the past decade. With a love of baseball and hunting, he and the DOD Team fit together perfectly in personality traits!

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    Gary Levox

    Gary's love for everything hunting and outdoors has been present his entire life. He's most widely recognized as the lead singer of Rascal Flatts.

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