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Down Range Radio is a weekly podcast published every Wednesday morning and hosted by Michael Bane. We cover the latest from the firearms industry, the Second Amendment, shooting sports and personal defense. This is the audio version of Wednesday Night At The Range on Outdoor Channel.

Meet The Host(s)

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    Michael Bane

    Michael Bane defies stereotypes. He has leveraged a career as a journalist, author, professional adventurer and acknowledged expert on firearms into some of the most innovative — and successful — shooting sports programming in the world.

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The Current Political Climate and Tripwires
Situational Awareness
The Able Shepherd Training Program
Shooting Lever Action Rifles at Gunsite
Filming the Next Season of 'Shooting Gallery'
Colorado Rimfire Challenge State Championship
Using a .22 for Self-Defense
The Art of De-Escalation
Glock Shooting Sports
The Guns at OSG Roundtable
Heavy Metal Optics & Non-Shotguns
Planning a Defensive Lever Action Class
The Rebirth of Cowboy Action Shooting
Glock 19X and AR Fatigue
The Hunt of My Life
Running Rounds Through the Bishop .458 SOCOM
Bowling Pin Shooting Reincarnated
Michael Goes to Europe
Down Memory Lane With 'Shooting Gallery'
Carrying Off-Body
A Broken Culture and School Shootings
Africa, Bruised Shoulders and Fancy Marlins
Getting Ready for the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits
The Takeaway From the NRA Show in Dallas
Making the First Shot Count
The Second Generation of Mini 9mm Pistols
Prepping for the Hunt
SBR Rossi – A Wicked Little Carbine
The Stigmatization of Gun Owners
The Fight Goes Forward
Being the First Responder and the Culture of Bravery
Big Bore Snubbies
The Marlin .44 Magnum from Wild West Guns
Reviewing the Ruger Security-9
The Implications of Non-Shotgun Shotguns and Brace-Equipped AR Pistols
Michael Bane's Post SHOT Show Shopping List
Michael Bane's First SHOT Show Report
The Small Pistol Roundup Plus the Growing Tide of Virtual Signaling
The Tower of London Armory and The Wallace Collection
Michael's Favorite Guns in 2017
Michael's New Travel Revolver
The Evolution of Michael Bane's ARs
The 'Big Pig' in 10mm
Handguns as a Hunting Tool
The Story of Michael's TC Contender
Rimfire Pistols Revisited
The Big Boomers
Montana Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor
Announcement about Rimfire Challenge
Custom Single-Action Revolvers
We Mourn Our Fallen
Shooting the IWI Galil .308
A Scout in 6.5 Creedmoor and a 'Bad Boy'
Hot Chili, Concealed Carry and C-More Sights
Rimfire Match Report
Long Range Shooting & The SCCY CPX-3
Guns of Standard Manufacturing
Getting Back to NSSF Rimfire Challenge
Rimfire Pistols
Tactical Solutions Goes Zebra
Michael's 3-Gun Setup
Rifles for General Use
The Stalking Rifle and Ruger No.1
Michael's Scout Rifle Safari
Special Edition Vickers Glock 19
Bane's Masterpiece of a Scout Rifle
Sig Sauer MCX vs FN SCAR 17s
Carbine Conversion Unit
The DragonHouse and Prepping for Africa
NRA Show Report & Survival Rifles from TNW Firearms
ATF's Latest Letter on Users Shouldering Brace Equipped Pistols
Michael's Winchester 94 and the 1891 Argentine Mauser
Let's Talk About a Big Boomer
Training for Africa and Cool Gun Round-Up
USPSA Optics Nationals and 14-Inch Shotguns
The New Ruger Mk IV Competition
.44 Magnum Single Action Revolvers
The New Generation of Mini-9mms
Current and Upcoming Gun Projects
The Quest for the Perfect Glock
A Look at a 6-inch 10mm 1911 Pistol
Down Range Radio #472: The 2016 NRA Show Report
Down Range Radio #471: NRA Show, Shooting Gallery Online and a New App
Down Range Radio #470: Guns & Politics
Down Range Radio #469: The Influence of Gunsite Academy
Down Range Radio #468: Michael Buys a Desert Eagle
Down Range Radio #467: .22 Centerfire Cartridges
Down Range Radio #466: Lever Action Rifles and the Passing of Merle Haggard
Down Range Radio #465: Michael's BBQ Gun
Down Range Radio #464: We're Filming a New Season Of 'MidwayUSA's Gun Stories'
Down Range Radio #463: The American Warrior Society
Down Range Radio #462: When the Chips Are Down
Down Range Radio #461: Election Updates, Bravo Concealment and the Mass Casualty Event
Down Range Radio #460: Politics, Scopes and Glock Holsters
Down Range Radio #459: Precision Rifles and Optics
Down Range Radio #458: The Empty Chair & The Second Amendment
Down Range Radio #457: Hand Strength and Handguns
Down Range Radio #456: Red Dot Optics vs Iron Sites
Down Range Radio #455: The Trends At SHOT Show 2016
Down Range Radio #454: The 2016 SHOT Show Edition
Down Range Radio #453: Preparing for SHOT Show 2016
Down Range Radio #452: Gun Rights and Executive Actions
Down Range Radio #451: Vicker's Glock, handguns for the first time buyer and critical skills
Down Range Radio #450: How the Brain is Wired!
Down Range Radio #449: How SHOULD we practice?
Down Range Radio #448: Terror is here – you must be prepared!
Down Range Radio #447: Finding Your Perfect Holster
Down Range Radio #446: Project Glock
Down Range Radio #445: Paris and Preparations
Down Range Radio #444: Glock Trigger Pulls and Modified Triggers
Down Range Radio #443: Santa Fe, The Best Defense and American Marksman
Down Range Radio #442: O.K. Corral, Bonny & Clyde and the Hearing Protection Act
Down Range Radio #441: The Silencer Shop
Down Range Radio #440: Apex Tactical's Newest Glock Trigger
Down Range Radio #439: The Highest Calling is to Fight!
Down Range Radio #438: Immobility and Self Defense
Down Range Radio #437: Michael Finally Goes Over the Edge
Down Range Radio #436: The Best Defense & Red Dot Pistols
Down Range Radio #435: Getting Ready for Carry Optics
Down Range Radio #434: Situational Awareness and Avoidance Are Critical
Down Range Radio #433: Lag Time Kills!
Down Range Radio #432: New Products and Project Catch Ups
Down Range Radio #431: An Affordable Big Bore Revolver
Down Range Radio #430: Nemesis Arms, Ruger Redhawk and that Lion…
Down Range Radio #429: The .458 SOCOM AR-15
Down Range Radio #428: The Chattanooga Shootings
Down Range Radio #427: How To Improve Your Shooting
Down Range Radio #426: Hunting With A Scout Rifle
Down Range Radio #425: Attacks In Sanctuaries
Down Range Radio #424: It's Been A Busy Gunny Week
Down Range Radio #423: The DP-12 Double Barrel Pump Shotgun
Down Range Radio #422: More Gun Restrictions Coming Up
Down Range Radio #421: Long Range Precision Shooting
Down Range Radio #419: A Kentucky Adventure & America's Rifle
Down Range Radio #418: An Armed America
Down Range Radio #416: Americans Favor Gun Rights Over Gun Control