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Monday Night Adventures Presented By Pelican

7:00 PM - 12:00 AM ET


It’s the night for big laughs and big Hollywood action! Monday Night Adventures Presented by Pelican leads off with Duck Dynasty — the most watched reality series in cable TV history. We’ve got our Ducks in a row — with four consecutive episodes to open the block. Then, prepare to be blown away by the explosive new series Hollywood Weapons. Discover what is scientific fact — and what is Hollywood fantasy. U.S. Special Forces veteran and host Terry Schappert breaks down some of the most famous weapons action sequences from TV and the movies.

The Shows

7:00 PMHollywood Weapons
7:30 PMHollywood Weapons
8:00 PMHollywood Weapons
8:30 PMHollywood Weapons
9:00 PMAmerican Marksman
9:30 PMAmerican Marksman
10:00 PMHollywood Weapons
10:30 PMHollywood Weapons
11:00 PMHollywood Weapons
11:30 PMHollywood Weapons