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  • Hiking with Dogs
    HowTo : Posted 06-22-2015

    Hiking with Dogs

    A dog can be a built-in companion for outdoor adventures, and is always ready, willing, and eager to hit the trail.

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  • Handling Food Outdoors
    HowTo : Posted 06-15-2015

    Handling Food Outdoors

    Keep yourself and the woodland critters safe when you bring food with you on the trail.

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  • Hiking Tips: Plant Safety
    HowTo : Posted 06-08-2015

    Hiking Tips: Plant Safety

    As nice as the many pretty flowers you see on the trail may be, you should always resist your urge to pick them and take them back with you.

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  • Hiking Tips: Selecting a Campsite
    HowTo : Posted 06-01-2015

    Hiking Tips: Selecting a Campsite

    At the end of a long day of hiking, nothing could be more relaxing than setting up a proper campsite for the evening. Without due consideration, however, we may ultimately damage the environment as well as endanger ourselves when selecting a place to rest our packs.

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  • Clothing for Your Hike
    HowTo : Posted 05-29-2015

    Clothing for Your Hike

    While numerous lengthy magazine articles and blogs have been written about what one should and shouldn't wear while hiking, there's no need to over-complicate things when it comes to dressing for a comfortable and safe hike.

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  • Hiking Tips: Backcountry Hygiene
    HowTo : Posted 05-26-2015

    Hiking Tips: Backcountry Hygiene

    A clean hiker is a happy (and healthy) hiker. A foray into the woods often means you will come out a little bit dirtier than when you went in.

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  • Hiking Tips: Crossing a Stream
    HowTo : Posted 05-11-2015

    Hiking Tips: Crossing a Stream

    When hiking, sooner or later you're going to come across a stream that doesn't have a footbridge to allow a dry crossing. In spring in particular, many creeks and streams run faster and deeper due to snow melt at higher elevations and seasonal rains.

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  • Hiking Tips: Lightning Safety
    HowTo : Posted 05-08-2015

    Hiking Tips: Lightning Safety

    Lightning is among the deadliest natural phenomena on our planet – and summer, the most popular time for hiking, is the most active time of year for storms.

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  • Kid-Friendly Hiking
    HowTo : Posted 02-18-2015

    Kid-Friendly Hiking

    While some people think their days of hiking are “on hold” once they become parents, that's just not the case!

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  • Hiking Tips: Staying Fit in Off-Season
    HowTo : Posted 01-16-2015

    Hiking Tips: Staying Fit in Off-Season

    While it seems like common sense to not go on a fifteen mile downhill knee-breaker in early spring after a long, inactive winter, sometimes we just get caught up in the adventure and excitement of being outdoors.

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