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  • Best Bug Baits
    HowTo : Posted 05-18-2015

    Best Bug Baits

    Want to catch loads of fish? Try bugs for bait. They can't resist these six-legged temptations.

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  • 7 Deadly All-Purpose Lures
    Story : Posted 05-11-2015

    7 Deadly All-Purpose Lures

    Years ago, I set a goal to someday have a separate tackle box full of lures for each type of fishing I did.

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  • Catch What's Biting
    Story : Posted 05-04-2015

    Catch What's Biting

    When I was young, I often fished with my Uncle Julius. Each time we went, I always asked, “What are we going to fish for?” My uncle's answer was always the same: “We'll catch what's biting.”

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  • Get a Buzz On!
    News : Posted 04-27-2015

    Get a Buzz On!

    In 1977, Texas bass pro Rick Clunn won a major tournament on Tennessee's Percy Priest Reservoir.

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  • Still the Walleye Capital of the World?
    News : Posted 04-20-2015

    Still the Walleye Capital of the World?

    In the world of walleye fishing, Arkansas' Greers Ferry Lake is hallowed water.

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  • Recipes for Bank Fishing
    Story : Posted 04-13-2015

    Recipes for Bank Fishing

    It's a phenomenon I notice every year. When the Bradford pears and plum trees start blooming, anglers young and old, male and female, gather at the water's edge.

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  • Rudolph of the Rivers
    News : Posted 04-06-2015

    Rudolph of the Rivers

    Wilkes finally got it near to the boat, both men had to assist in wrestling the fish aboard. It was a behemoth—a 105-pound, 5-foot, 5-inch-long paddlefish, a new Arkansas record.

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  • Nailing White Bass Before the Spawn
    News : Posted 03-30-2015

    Nailing White Bass Before the Spawn

    It was early March, and my friend Brad Wiegmann, a fishing guide on Beaver Lake near Springdale, Arkansas, invited my son Zach and me to join him for some white bass fishing.

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  • Salty Cats Add Fun to a Day
    News : Posted 03-23-2015

    Salty Cats Add Fun to a Day

    There are two species of catfish often caught by anglers fishing Southern saltwater, and with many of you planning fishing trips on the coast in upcoming months, I thought you might enjoy learning about these interesting and fun-to-catch whiskerfish.

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  • Cane Mutiny
    News : Posted 03-16-2015

    Cane Mutiny

    At most sporting-goods stores, you can buy all sorts of fancy fishing poles made from all sorts of modern man-made materials.

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