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  • Getting Fishing Act Together
    News : Posted 06-06-2014

    Getting Fishing Act Together

    Officials within several fishing and boating organizations are continuing to pressure Congress to include more provisions that will assist recreational fishermen as legislators continue to explore reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.

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  • ICAST 2014 Awaits You (Video)
    News : Posted 06-06-2014

    ICAST 2014 Awaits You (Video)

    Excitement awaits you at ICAST 2014 being held July 15-18, at the Orange County Convention Center in beautiful Orlando, Fla. IFTD will co-locate with ICAST for a second year creating the world's largest recreational fishing tradeshow.

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  • Just Kidding Around: Returning Fishing's Biggest Favor
    News : Posted 06-05-2014

    Just Kidding Around: Returning Fishing's Biggest Favor

    Interested in doing your part this summer to help a youngster find that pathway to the outdoors world while discovering the lifelong thrill of fishing?

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  • Knowing The Score
    News : Posted 06-04-2014

    Knowing The Score

    Most sports allow the competitors to see where they stand, providing the score and the time remaining, giving them a sense of what they need to do to win.

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  • Tough Health News in the World of Professional Bass Anglers
    News : Posted 06-03-2014

    Tough Health News in the World of Professional Bass Anglers

    This spring has been a tough run in the world of professional bass angling. It was a stretch health related issues that began in late March and continued into late May...

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  • Fishing Gets In Your Mud
    News : Posted 06-03-2014

    Fishing Gets In Your Mud

    Literally covered head to toe in mud, Mike Lewis sobbed on the walk up the street to his house. I circled him, like the Beaver next to Larry Mondello, carrying our little fishing rods as he dripped his way home.

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  • Coast Guard Seizes 450 Red Snapper Poached off Texas Coast
    News : Posted 06-03-2014

    Coast Guard Seizes 450 Red Snapper Poached off Texas Coast

    With the U.S. federal water red snapper season only hours old this past Sunday, June 1, the U.S. Coast Guard was involved in an interdiction with a Mexican fishing crew found poaching the species off the coast of South Texas.

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  • Teach 'Em To Fish
    News : Posted 06-02-2014

    Teach 'Em To Fish

    Ask any child what he received for Christmas last year, and then ask him to tell you about the biggest fish he ever caught. Compare his reaction, length of response and facial expressions to both questions, and you'll never feel bad about taking a kid fishing again.

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  • Breeding Better Biting Fish
    News : Posted 05-29-2014

    Breeding Better Biting Fish

    In theory, it only makes sense that a more aggressive fish would be more apt to wind up on an angler's hook. The more aggressive fish would seem more likely to assertively protect its spawning nest or pursue food items, not to mention a fisherman's bait.

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  • Archers Of A Feather …
    News : Posted 05-14-2014

    Archers Of A Feather …

    Travis “T-Bone” Turner of “Michael Waddell's Bone Collector” said he felt right in his element as he made a guest appearance at the Bass Pro Shops U.S. Open Bowfishing Championships.

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