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  • Mercer, Crews Battle Autism
    News : Posted 04-11-2014

    Mercer, Crews Battle Autism

    Dave Mercer wants bidders to go crazy, sort of. On stage as emcee for last week's A.R.E. Truck Caps Bassmaster Elite on Table Rock Lake, he made a point to speak at length with angler John Crews.

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  • Thaw Points To Spring Floods
    News : Posted 04-11-2014

    Thaw Points To Spring Floods

    As warmer temperatures announce the arrival of spring, some of the most significant ice coverage on the Great Lakes in decades is finally beginning to diminish.

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  • Fresh Bait
    News : Posted 04-09-2014

    Fresh Bait

    Fishing with live, or freshly killed bait is a chore. Just gathering it constitutes an outing by itself, and serious live bait handlers typically have as much money wrapped-up in bait gear as they do in cat gear. Sometimes more.

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  • Top Bass Fishing Lures
    News : Posted 04-08-2014

    Top Bass Fishing Lures

    If the spawn is not yet on and the water is clear, the pros can show you what bass fishing lures to throw. The top 12 anglers were asked to show what bait they throw.

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  • Major League Fishing Championships to Air on CBS Sports
    News : Posted 03-31-2014

    Major League Fishing Championships to Air on CBS Sports

    CBS Sports will televise the Championship Round of the Shell Rotella Challenge Cup on Sunday, May 11, at 3 p.m. (EST). The Championship Round of the General Tire Summit Cup will air on Saturday, August 9, at 1 p.m. (EST).

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  • Spotting Up For World Record
    News : Posted 03-25-2014

    Spotting Up For World Record

    Keith Bryan's spotted bass lost about 9 ounces between tournament scales and a certified scale, the difference between the IGFA world record and just another big fish.

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  • Flood Stage Cats
    News : Posted 03-25-2014

    Flood Stage Cats

    A quick glance at the river we were about to fish made me a bit nervous and skeptical. The west fork of the White River near Vincennes is noted for its catfishing, but on the day we chose to fish, it was a muddy, flooded torrent.

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  • St. Johns' Getaway
    News : Posted 03-18-2014

    St. Johns' Getaway

    The St. Johns – the state's only north-flowing river – offers lots of great crappie habitat, along with some spectacular natural scenery along its 310-mile range from the St. John's Marsh origin to its Atlantic exit at Jacksonville's Mayport Inlet.

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  • Cutthroat Fishing Attitude
    News : Posted 03-14-2014

    Cutthroat Fishing Attitude

    If you have enjoyed the head-to-head, minute-to-minute, cast-to-cast action of Ultimate Match Fishing in the past, show founder and host Joe Thomas says you ain't seen nothing yet.

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  • Havasu Has Super Sunfish
    News : Posted 03-10-2014

    Havasu Has Super Sunfish

    When anglers talk about panfish, it's most often the little guys where several are needed to fill the pan, not one that spills over the sides.

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