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  • Buzzing About Best Boat
    News : Posted 07-17-2014

    Buzzing About Best Boat

    Excitement hit the Johnson Outdoors Watercraft team when news spread of their big win at ICAST. “Overall Best of Show, Baby!”

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  • Light-Hearted Luminaries
    News : Posted 07-17-2014

    Light-Hearted Luminaries

    Bill Dance draped a life jacket over his head, a strap like a bridle in his mouth, as he stood alongside Roland Martin and Jimmy Houston for a photo op on the ICAST floor.

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  • New Golden Nuggets
    News : Posted 07-16-2014

    New Golden Nuggets

    Louie Stout, a senior writer for B.A.S.S. publications, said he has seen thousands of similar lures in his 28 years covering ICAST, and that has left him looking for the truly unique new products.

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  • All Aboard!
    News : Posted 07-16-2014

    All Aboard!

    It's not at all coincidental that a row of five kayaks is located at the entrance to the room otherwise traditionally filled with rods, reels, lures and other tackle vying for category awards in “Best of Show.”

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  • ICAST 2014: Going Old School for Florida's Big Bass
    News : Posted 07-16-2014

    ICAST 2014: Going Old School for Florida's Big Bass

    The buzz in Central Florida this week is all about being out with the old and in with the new. As in the newest, the latest and the greatest stuff in the world of fishing.

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  • Tail Wagging The Dog
    News : Posted 07-16-2014

    Tail Wagging The Dog

    One corner of ICAST's New Product Showcase carries an extraordinary influence on the entire show at the Orange County Convention Center.

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  • Fishing's Homecoming
    News : Posted 07-15-2014

    Fishing's Homecoming

    New products are what give this trade show a Christmas Day feel. Everything that's new in the fishing world will be unveiled here, beginning tonight with the New Product Showcase.

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  • In the Land of Mickey, Outdoor Channel has ICAST 2014 Covered
    News : Posted 07-10-2014

    In the Land of Mickey, Outdoor Channel has ICAST 2014 Covered

    Starting next Wednesday, July 16, all eyes in the fishing world will turn towards the land of Mickey Mouse and his Magic Kingdom deep in the heart of central Florida...

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  • That's a Wrap: Challenge Select
    News : Posted 06-26-2014

    That's a Wrap: Challenge Select

    Major League Fishing has completed the filming of its second GEICO Select event, a six-day tournament that featured lakes in three distinct sections of Arkansas.

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  • Huge Father's Day Memory
    News : Posted 06-16-2014

    Huge Father's Day Memory

    After more than an hour-long battle the sturgeon was brought to shore by the boat's lead guide Dean Werk of Great River Fishing Adventures. The crew scanned the fish to find it had not been previously tagged. It was dubbed a "virgin sturgeon," an untagged white sturgeon.

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