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  • The $250-Per-Point Buck
    Story : Posted 01-23-2015

    The $250-Per-Point Buck

    When wildlife prosecution supports game wardens, it also supports landowners, law-abiding sportsmen and the wildlife we all cherish. It's rare, but it does happen.

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  • Hiking Tips: Staying Fit in Off-Season
    HowTo : Posted 01-16-2015

    Hiking Tips: Staying Fit in Off-Season

    While it seems like common sense to not go on a fifteen mile downhill knee-breaker in early spring after a long, inactive winter, sometimes we just get caught up in the adventure and excitement of being outdoors.

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  • Hiking Tips: Storing Gear Off-Season
    HowTo : Posted 01-09-2015

    Hiking Tips: Storing Gear Off-Season

    Gear can get expensive, but with these simple storage steps, you can increase the life of your investment.

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  • Poaching Penalties
    Story : Posted 12-31-2014

    Poaching Penalties

    When following various game warden websites, including our own recently established "Oklahoma Department of Wildlife - Game Wardens," one only needs to briefly scan and you're made aware of just how bad poaching problems can be.

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  • Compassionate Convictions
    Story : Posted 12-12-2014

    Compassionate Convictions

    I recently caught a spotlighter who had hidden his rifle and light off in the weeds just before I encountered him. He was a young man about to get married and with his first child on the way.

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  • Exploding Fish of the Amazonas
    Story : Posted 12-08-2014

    Exploding Fish of the Amazonas

    The exploding fish of the Amazon. Despite its brilliant colors, the 15-pound fish is invisible in the tea-colored water of Brazil's Rio Negro.

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  • Duck Hunting: Take It Easy
    HowTo : Posted 12-02-2014

    Duck Hunting: Take It Easy

    Duck hunting is often thought of as an arduous, labor intensive endeavor that involves rising at an insanely early hour, lugging dozens of decoys and enduring inclement weather. But it needn't be there are some alternative tactics that allow you to hunt smart, not hard for web-footed, winged prey this fall.

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  • Cold Weather Hiking
    HowTo : Posted 12-01-2014

    Cold Weather Hiking

    Just because the temperature has fallen like the leaves of a tree doesn't mean you can't have an enjoyable hike outside. With a little extra preparation, hiking in the winter can be every bit as enjoyable as hiking during the warmer months.

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  • Fall Fins and Feathers
    Story : Posted 11-25-2014

    Fall Fins and Feathers

    For most outdoorsmen and women, October means hunting season, time to put the rods away and pull out the shotguns. A few of the more hard-core anglers will hold out until the days grow even shorter, and colder. Nothing says you can't do both. In fact, early fall is a great time to double up on your outdoor opportunities.

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  • Hiking During Hunting Season
    HowTo : Posted 11-25-2014

    Hiking During Hunting Season

    Fall is a fantastic time to enjoy a nice hike on the trails. There are a few simple steps you can take to make sure you stay safe as you hike into this year's hunting season.

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