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  • Fist Loads: Self-Defense Simplicity
    Story : Posted 01-09-2015

    Fist Loads: Self-Defense Simplicity

    The flashlight is an outstanding “first line of defense” when it comes to contact-distance fighting skills.

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  • Dot-Ready Glocks
    Gear : Posted 01-08-2015

    Dot-Ready Glocks

    More companies are springing leaks of new products before SHOT such as factory cut Glocks for red dot sights...

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  • Secure But Ready Firearms Storage
    Story : Posted 01-08-2015

    Secure But Ready Firearms Storage

    It's a dilemma we all face – How to keep personal defensive firearms (PDFs) accessible yet secure. Are you going to have time to go down to the basement and open the gun safe when the spit hits the fan?

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  • My Backup Pheasant Gun
    Story : Posted 01-07-2015

    My Backup Pheasant Gun

    If the word “backup” means lesser value or importance, then it isn't proper to call this gun a “backup,” because it's very special to me. You see, a gentleman should always take two shotguns on a pheasant hunt, just in case he has a problem or needs to loan one to a friend. A backup gun doesn't have to come from the back row of the gun vault.

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  • And Less We Forget Operation Fast and Furious…
    Story : Posted 01-07-2015

    And Less We Forget Operation Fast and Furious…

    Docs indicate ATF was using Fast and Furious to justify new gun regs.

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  • 5 Steps to Help You Get #SHOOTFIT
    HowTo : Posted 01-07-2015

    5 Steps to Help You Get #SHOOTFIT

    Physical fitness plays an important role in how well we are able to perform on the range. Agility, strength and endurance can be put to the test in many action shooting events. Even for precision based shooting, getting healthy and staying in shape helps you perform your best.

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  • The Concept of Braced Handguns and Where That's Going…
    Gear : Posted 01-06-2015

    The Concept of Braced Handguns and Where That's Going…

    Is BATFE trying to "walk back" their approval of the Sig SG-15 brace and its imitators?

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  • Educating Your Instincts
    HowTo : Posted 01-05-2015

    Educating Your Instincts

    When Michael Janich first started studying the martial arts almost 40 years ago, he realized that the toughest part of real self-defense is recognizing an attack quickly enough to be…

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  • A November to Remember
    Story : Posted 12-31-2014

    A November to Remember

    We named it “Grand Central Station” back in 1985 when we first hunted there. In the fall, deer often move through this area all day long as there are large tracts of woods on the east, west and the north, with the necks of the crop fields all coming together in an old fencerow.

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  • Ruger LCR-9 and LCRx-3
    Gear : Posted 12-18-2014

    Ruger LCR-9 and LCRx-3

    Do you like revolvers? I sure do and I want to tell you about two new ones that should appeal to all shooters, whether they are experienced revolver types or those who have been considering trying them.

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