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  • Angling Wild Alaska: Getting There is Half the Fun
    Story : Posted 06-13-2014

    Angling Wild Alaska: Getting There is Half the Fun

    With the drone of the Cessna 206 aircraft prop engine dulling my senses and threatening to put my jet-lagged form to sleep, I have to confess that I wasn't fully prepared for the sudden lurch of Charles Allen's Alaskan bush plane.

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  • Successful Operation
    Story : Posted 06-11-2014

    Successful Operation

    Deb Hebert has been involved in life-or-death situations and weathered the fury of hurricanes, but she has seldom been in a situation as exhilarating or draining as the one she faced during the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic.

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  • GEICO Selects: Intense!
    Story : Posted 06-11-2014

    GEICO Selects: Intense!

    In 2012, two of the most popular bass anglers – Boyd Duckett and Gary Klein – in the country, with the help from executives from Outdoor Channel, developed the most cutting-edge, high-intensity bass tournament the fishing industry has ever seen.

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  • Spawning Love of Fishing in Youth
    Story : Posted 06-10-2014

    Spawning Love of Fishing in Youth

    Several years ago, Carolyn Estes faced a dilemma. A worker with the Oologah Lake Leader newspaper in northeastern Oklahoma, Estes wanted to keep a fishing derby alive for local youngsters.

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  • Summertime Angling: Hello Dolly!
    Story : Posted 06-09-2014

    Summertime Angling: Hello Dolly!

    "Watch this." With those innocuous words, the bush pilot manning the controls of the float plane over the wilds of British Columbia, nodded toward the earth far below.

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  • My Favorite Fishing Hole
    Story : Posted 06-09-2014

    My Favorite Fishing Hole

    Dad taught me to fish, back when I was just a kid; it was catfish, bass and bluegill - in the farm ponds and small creeks and rivers of northeast Missouri.

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  • Getting Fishing Act Together
    News : Posted 06-06-2014

    Getting Fishing Act Together

    Officials within several fishing and boating organizations are continuing to pressure Congress to include more provisions that will assist recreational fishermen as legislators continue to explore reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.

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  • ICAST 2014 Awaits You (Video)
    News : Posted 06-06-2014

    ICAST 2014 Awaits You (Video)

    Excitement awaits you at ICAST 2014 being held July 15-18, at the Orange County Convention Center in beautiful Orlando, Fla. IFTD will co-locate with ICAST for a second year creating the world's largest recreational fishing tradeshow.

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  • Just Kidding Around: Returning Fishing's Biggest Favor
    News : Posted 06-05-2014

    Just Kidding Around: Returning Fishing's Biggest Favor

    Interested in doing your part this summer to help a youngster find that pathway to the outdoors world while discovering the lifelong thrill of fishing?

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  • Oklahoma Paddlefish Harvest Lower in 2014
    Story : Posted 06-04-2014

    Oklahoma Paddlefish Harvest Lower in 2014

    Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission members learned this spring's paddlefish harvest in Oklahoma was lower than it was in 2013, based on data gathered by the Wildlife Department's Paddlefish Research Center (PRC) near Miami, Okla.

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