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  • Handguns for Deer
    Gear : Posted 12-05-2014

    Handguns for Deer

    Handgun hunting for deer is the ultimate challenge for a firearms deer hunter. Is it the extreme test of hunter stalking and shooting skills, so if you are looking for a new deer hunting experience to reinvigorate your hunting, then give handgun hunting a go.

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  • Indiana Rut: Hoosier Daddy?
    Story : Posted 12-05-2014

    Indiana Rut: Hoosier Daddy?

    After spending three days at a deer camp for the opening of the Indiana rifle season, I am baffled that the Hoosier state is lost in this conversation.

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  • 'Weather' or Not You'll Bag a Buck
    Story : Posted 12-04-2014

    'Weather' or Not You'll Bag a Buck

    There might not be any worse weather element I hate hunting in than wind. Whether it's because I can't hear anything else other than the wind, or because I've never had success when it's windy, the bottom line is when wind is in the forecast, I cringe. I almost feel defeated before the hunt even begins.

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  • Fine Shotguns and Driven Partridge
    Story : Posted 12-03-2014

    Fine Shotguns and Driven Partridge

    For me, the most interesting part was the shotguns, the actual shooting and the bird drives – twelve in total, over three days. The best reason to own a matched pair of fine English side by side shotguns is to shoot driven birds.

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  • Give the Gift of the Outdoors
    Story : Posted 12-02-2014

    Give the Gift of the Outdoors

    Catalogs, emails and commercials touting must-have gifts this holiday season fill our mailboxes, flood our inboxes and splash across our television screens as the biggest shopping weekend of the year approaches.

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  • Elk Skillet Lasagna (Recipe)
    Recipe : Posted 12-01-2014

    Elk Skillet Lasagna (Recipe)

    Lasagna has always been known as a classic comfort food with layered rich tomato sauce, thick lasagna noodles and a whole lot of cheese. This skillet elk lasagna uses ricotta cheese, fresh mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

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  • Getting Started with a Crossbow
    Story : Posted 12-01-2014

    Getting Started with a Crossbow

    Deer hunting with archery gear was something I always wanted to try. I did, too, for several years until I lost my hand grip coming down a wet tree stand ladder and pulled my shoulder doing a lunge grab just before falling.

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  • Bleach Buck Bonanza
    Story : Posted 12-01-2014

    Bleach Buck Bonanza

    The clerk at the beauty supply store was impressed with Tim Preator's purchase of hair bleaching products normally reserved for women. Then he set her straight.

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  • Sooner State Pheasant Numbers Slightly Higher
    Story : Posted 12-01-2014

    Sooner State Pheasant Numbers Slightly Higher

    Hunters planning to pursue ring-necked pheasants when Oklahoma's season opens Dec. 1 should find some birds to hunt this year, based on the annual field surveys conducted by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

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  • Easy Crockpot Venison Korean BBQ (Recipe)(Video)
    Recipe : Posted 12-01-2014

    Easy Crockpot Venison Korean BBQ (Recipe)(Video)

    One of the best ways to cook venison is low and slow in a dutch oven or a crockpot. I prefer to make my own sauces and marinades, but with life rather hectic right now I discovered that there are actually some really tasty options right in the store.

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