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Things I've Learned About Shotguns

As a shooter, a hunter and a gun collector, it's been my great fortune and pleasure to study and shoot an example of pretty much every popular shotgun made during the last 150 years – at both targets and birds. Read More

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2015 Western Hunting & Conservation Expo Breaks Records

Salt Lake City, Utah: Doors closed on the 2015 Western Hunting and Conservation Expo (WHCE) on Sunday after four days of record shattering crowds and funds raised for conservation. Read More


Live Lining for Stripers

Rockfish (more commonly known as Stripers) are abundant in the Chesapeake Bay right now, want some tips on how to catch them? Read More


Going To Gun Camp – A Check List

Congratulations on making the decision to attend a shooting school. You're going to have a great time expanding your education and skill level and it just might be a life changing experience. Read More


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