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Is There Such Thing as a 'Cull' Buck

A “cull” or “management” buck is one that is of inferior genetics or does not meet the standards of what an average deer should be in that herd, at a certain age. For some hunters it is a daily term, but for others they will never use it. Read More

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    What Is the Second Rut?

    Whether you hunt in the Northeast or Midwest, around this time of the year you will often hear hunters begin to talk about seeing the “second rut.” Scrapes open up, and like in early November, bucks can be seen dogging does. Read More

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    Rabbit Hunting Musts!

    Although most rabbit hunters bag a few cottontails or swamp rabbits on each trip afield, certain techniques can bolster your success. These tips should help you better enjoy the experience of rabbit hunting this season. Read More

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    Venison Pot Roast with Cranberry Sauce (Recipe)

    Still looking for that special holiday dinner recipe? On a cold winter day, this venison pot roast will satisfy the hungriest of appetites. Read More

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Venison in Brandy Sauce (Recipe)

If you have non-believers in your family; make one of my venison recipes - and see what they say. It will be "more please." Read More


Few Lures Beat a Tailspinner in Cold Water

This is the sixth and final installment of a series of articles titled “Fall Fishing Festival” profiling the productive fishing on Kentucky's lakes, rivers and streams in fall. Read More


DP-12 Double Barrel Pump Shotgun

The DP-12 goes down a completely different, and decidedly unconventional path. It has two 7-round tubes, but it also has 2 barrels! Read More


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