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    From Hoops To Rod Butts

    At his first ICAST, Jared Jeffries stood out. That happens when you are 6-foot-11, but his height matters little in fishing, except maybe getting a bit more leverage behind a bent rod. Read More

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    To Catch A Great White

    With about every imaginable fishing product spread out over 500,000 square feet of showroom, the mission turned into a speed run to find rod, reel and a hook to handle a giant. Read More

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    Davis' Top 3 Saltiest Fights

    Comparatively speaking, most sharks are wimps, says Mark Davis, host of “Penn's Big Water Adventures” that airs on Outdoor Channel. Read More

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The Right to Hunt

Nicole Reeve had enough. After posting a photo of herself on Facebook with a lion she proudly shot with her Matthews bow in Africa, she heard it from the anti-hunting community. Read More


WFN's 7 Summer Bass Fishing Tips

Spring may get most of the attention when it comes to bass fishing, but that's no reason to ignore the summer. Get the most out of your summer bass fishing season with these seven tips. Read More


The 80s: 357 Magnum Brass

It all started with unprimed cartridge brass, and two unknown companies, Midway and Starline. Read More


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