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Bushcraft encompasses an entire set of primitive skills and intuitive thinking that enables outdoorsmen and women to live comfortable off the land with minimal equipment and impact. Read More

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    Piggin' Out

    We're targeting a bona fide ham slam this week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav. We'll be joined for an in-depth extended interview by Gregg Ritz, host of Hunt Masters, plus Stephen West Jr. from the all-new series West of Texas and Zach Waterman, Nosler's Public Relations Manager, for a little feral hog Piggin' Out. Read More

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    Barrett Launches Fieldcraft Hunting Rifle

    Offered in popular short and long-action calibers, the new Barrett Fieldcraft offers custom-rifle features at an affordable price. Read More

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    Morel Mushroom Dolmades Recipe

    Substituting wild morel mushrooms in for lamb, this Greek-inspired recipe is a great appetizer for an outdoor crowd. Read More