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    Jim Shockey

    Host of Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures and Jim Shockey's Uncharted on the Outdoor Channel, Jim Shockey has been an award-winning outdoor writer, wildlife photographer/videographer, wilderness guide and outfitter for nearly 30 years.

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    Branlin Shockey

    Branlin Shockey produces, writes, & directs Jim Shockey's The Professionals on Outdoor Channel.

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    Brian Wojo

    Brian Wojo guides year-round in Saskatchewan, Vancouver Island and the Yukon. It is said no one can escape Wojo's judgment as he has eyes in all directions. You can witness Wojo's keen insight as co-host of "Jim Shockey's The Professionals" only on Outdoor Channel.

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    Corey Knowlton

    Corey Knowlton is an expert in setting hunts within remote territories of the world, spending over 100 days a year searching for the next big thing. Corey provides expertise and logistical support for Team Shockey, which you can witness on "Jim Shockey's The Professionals".

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    Dan Goodenow

    Dan Goodenow spends the majority of the year traveling and searching for the newest and best hunting territories to represent with the Jim Shockey brand, all of which you can watch on "Jim Shockey's The Professionals" on Outdoor Channel.

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    Todd Bissenden

    Todd Bissenden is one of the toughest and most talented cameramen in the outdoor industry and continuously proves himself on "Jim Shockey's The Professionals" only on Outdoor Channel.

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